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Google’s New Feedback Form: Why Now?

     -     Oct 2nd, 2023   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization, Websites   -     0 Comments

Google is set to keep building its algorithm, and they want your voice on the matter. Reporting bad search results just got easier. Google recently refreshed its method for reporting sites that violate policy, and condensed a process that spanned different pages and report forms. Before this announcement, there was not a one stop shop […]

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12 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for AI Impact in SEO

     -     Jul 10th, 2023   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Jump to the cutting edge of digital marketing by listening to these podcasts covering everything ranging from the death of Google to how teachers are handling student use of AI. As any career-person in a digital field knows, staying on the cutting edge of progress is key to surviving an ever-changing landscape. Stay on top, […]

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Phone with a screen that reads "ERROR 404"

The Thing About 403/404 errors and Google’s Webcrawlers

     -     Jun 26th, 2023   -     Google   -     0 Comments

Google demonstrates that it intends to work around the server bandwidth issues caused by its crawlers. What does that mean for the keen digital marketer? On February 17, 2023, Google posted about what it perceived as a surge in uses of 4xx (excluding 429) errors to throttle its indexing crawlers. “The short version of this […]

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Google’s Helpful Content Update: The Survival of the Fittest

     -     Feb 13th, 2023   -     Google, Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Understanding Google’s changing search algorithm often feels like deciphering the Rosetta Stone; puzzling to even the most seasoned website managers.  Google’s Helpful Content Update which began its rollout in late summer, can appear scary and confusing to site owners on the surface.

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Ultimate SEO Guide CPAs

Google Analytics 4

     -     May 5th, 2022   -     Google   -     0 Comments

By now, marketers have probably noticed the option to switch from the historical view of Google Analytics to the Universal Analytics reports. Google Analytics 4, or GA4 for short, is the “next generation” of Google Analytics, as self-described by Google. GA4 can be used for a website, app, or both at the same time, giving marketers a new way to see how their online properties are performing and address SEO and other issues collectively, rather than piecemeal.

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Google Analytics 1

Which Reports Matter in Google Analytics?

     -     Feb 3rd, 2022   -     Google   -     0 Comments

Data-driven marketing is a term that’s almost too ubiquitous. As painfully obvious as it is, the key to seizing short-term opportunities and long-term success lies in the data. And where’s the data? For websites, it’s in Google Analytics.

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Internet Browsing for SEO Conferences

Google Search Results to Include Page Experience

     -     May 31st, 2021   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Last month, Google confirmed a change in the way it will soon begin ranking websites. Starting this summer, page experience will be a factor in Google’s search algorithms. Pages that are easy to navigate, have great content, load quickly, and offer other benefits for users will get a higher priority in Google’s SERP.

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Google Search Console

An Introduction to Google Search Console

     -     Oct 22nd, 2020   -     Google   -     0 Comments

SEO and website maintenance never stop. They’re part of a continual process of monitoring, adjusting, and improving website performance. The majority of organic and paid search traffic comes from Google, so it makes sense to direct limited time and resources into optimizing sites for the Google platform. When all the pages on a website are already optimized with SEO keywords, metadata, and page titles, it can be hard to know what else to do to improve site performance. What if there was a way to get feedback directly from Google? There is, and marketers may not be aware of it.

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Google's BERT Algorithm

What is the Google BERT?

     -     Dec 27th, 2019   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Just as accounting firms work better when departments don’t operate in silos, search queries also work better when the algorithms don’t isolate single words. The rise in longtail keywords and voice search have made people hyper-aware of challenges like relevancy and natural language searches and their impact on the quality of search results. Relevance is subjective, and search engines can’t interpret the idiosyncrasies of our natural language. Up until now, that is.

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Los Angeles SEO Events

Los Angeles SEO Events – December 2019

     -     Nov 30th, 2019   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

While there is no shortage of national digital marketing, SEO and content marketing conferences, it’s also useful to attend various local events. Not only does it allow SEO, digital marketers and business owners to expand their network but also sharpen their skills and learn from the local talent. Although the holidays will keep most professionals out of the office and with family, there may be an opportunity to sneak in a quick session.

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