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Many have adopted an SEO strategy that has been key in driving some new leads to the website. However, at a certain point a plateau is reached which has been difficult for many firms to transcend. It leaves many wondering, what can or should I be doing to generate a higher ROI from the website? The answer is simple… proactive SEO.

The challenge for most is their SEO efforts are reactive. They take the content generated by the firm and optimize it all the while missing an essential step in the process – a comprehensive, data-driven, strategy. By turning the tables and proactively managing the process across the SEO ecosystem immediate and meaningful changes occur.

FlashPoint Marketing works with companies to develop an SEO strategy with dashes of social media and content marketing designed to take advantage of natural sales cycles throughout the year to attract the attention of key prospects. Through a combination of planning, keyword research, and ghostwriting services, we can position firms to attract and engage high quality leads in their target markets.

A central piece of this approach is the need for high-quality content. This means content that is fresh, current, speaks to prospects concerns and challenges and is customized. While canned content is a good fit for e-newsletters and client marketing programs, it adds little value for SEO. Our firm offers custom content development to help drive the SEO process and drive engagement. We create niche articles with an industry focus, business-oriented feature articles, white papers and general copyrighting. The result is high-quality content that Google is hungry to index.

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