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The Flashpoint SEO Process


Getting Results

Below we have provided a brief outline of how FlashPoint Marketing’s SEO process works. The application of this process to each client differs based on several important variables. However, this will provide you with a basic understanding of how we approach, execute, and measure SEO results.

  1. Setting Goals – The most important step is defining the goals and objectives for your SEO program. FlashPoint Marketing will meet with your project leaders to discuss your goals and objectives and then develop an SEO plan based on your specific requirements.
  2. Initial Analysis – The initial standing of your website’s SEO is the point from which your firm will compare results throughout the process. This stage allows us to find areas of opportunity for SEO management.
  3. Keyword Research – FlashPoint Marketing will conduct keyword research to identify the highest value keyword terms relevant to your company’s products and services. Generally speaking, we assess your existing site and analyze identified competitors to understand where challenges and opportunities exist. Discovered keywords are then analyzed by keyword difficulty, keyword competition and other essential SERP metrics to determine the optimal terms to target.
  4. On-Page Implementation – We will implement appropriate title tags, header tags, and meta-data into your firm’s website HTML. This process allows search engines to understand and index website content appropriately.
  5. Off-Page Optimization – This part of the process is the promotion of the website outside of the HTML build. Our activities include inbound linking, blogging, directory submission and registration, and content sharing.
  6. Reporting – FlashPoint Marketing provides you with monthly updates on your website’s performance. These reports showcase several analytical factors which help to manage and adjust the SEO strategy for improved results.
  7. Content Development – Content is king in SEO. Often clients are not getting the results they want because there is simply a lack of content to optimize. FlashPoint Marketing develops custom web copy and articles to put your firm in a position of power in the marketplace.

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