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Creating the Right Narrative

FlashPoint Marketing offers content development services for CPA and accounting firms. Our professionals have significant experience transforming a creative concept for an article or case study and turning it into a finished piece. Through a brief planning meeting, we can ascertain information critical to the development of the final piece, including focus, scope, audience, and messaging. Most of all, we will discuss how the content can bring direct ROI back to your firm and integrate with other ongoing activities.

Content Development Services

FlashPoint Marketing offers a wide range of services to capture your audience’s attention including:

  • Niche industry articles with a technical or general focus
  • Business-oriented features or news stories for trade, consumer, or business publications
  • White papers, editorials, and thought pieces
  • Copywriting, including advertising and direct mail

CPA and accounting firms turn to FlashPoint Marketing for assistance with content development needs because of our deep experience with the accounting profession. Our writers have worked in all facets of the accounting profession from Fortune 1000 companies to small businesses. As a result, we understand many of the complex assurance, tax, and consulting services CPA firms offer. Beyond this, our experience offers insight on how to position content to appeal to financial executives and other C-level decision makers. This translates into short learning curves, reduced partner or manager involvement in explaining certain topics, and a quicker turnaround time.

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Looking to enhance your SEO efforts or expand the content on your website? Need a whitepaper or thought leadership piece on an emerging topic? Contact us for additional information on our content development services.

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