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Custom Content Development

A regular flow of custom content designed to educate, inform and update clients/prospects on key business issues, challenges and opportunities, is essential to a robust content marketing program. While most business owners understand why they need to create content they are faced with the challenge of limited time, skills and resources. Unfortunately, this often results in websites with purchased content that lacks in-depth insights or unique perspective or a lack of newly published content. The result is a diminished ability to attract qualified site visitors who have an interest or need for their services. While this predicament is not uncommon, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

FlashPoint offers custom content development for professional service firms including law firms, CPA firms, real estate companies and more. Our professionals have significant experience working with internal marketing teams/thought leaders to transform their initial ideas and concepts into a comprehensive thought leadership piece. We can write standard blog posts (600-800 words) or Google preferred long-form content (1,800 words or more). The end result is high performing thought leadership that attracts qualified prospects to your site.

Content Development Services

FlashPoint offers a wide range of services to capture your audience’s attention including:

  • Niche industry articles with a technical or general focus.
  • Business-oriented features or news stories for trade, consumer, or business publications.
  • White papers, editorials, and thought pieces.
  • General website or brochure copywriting.
  • Content for organic and other landing pages.

Contact Us

Looking to enhance your SEO efforts or expand the content on your website? Need a whitepaper or thought leadership piece on an emerging topic?  FlashPoint can help propel your efforts. From content ideation to content pillar development, our team will guide you through each step of the process. Contact us for additional information on our content development services.

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