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12 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for AI Impact in SEO

     -     Jul 10th, 2023   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Jump to the cutting edge of digital marketing by listening to these podcasts covering everything ranging from the death of Google to how teachers are handling student use of AI.

As any career-person in a digital field knows, staying on the cutting edge of progress is key to surviving an ever-changing landscape. Stay on top, come out on top. With these 12 podcast episodes, you will readily know what’s currently going on in the AI landscape and, more specifically, what it has to do with your job in SEO. Without further ado:


(1) Will AI Kill SEO?

Short answer: no, it will help SEO. Julie Lorson of Good2BSocial, who has worked with SEO for over a decade, goes on to explain that AI will not completely override SEO as long as it requires a human touch of creativity and SEO remains a subset of marketing. Check out this podcast to find out other ways in which AI will be beneficial for SEO.


(2) AI Revolutionizes SEO: Unveiling IndexNow Updates and Bing Strategies

Fabrice Canal, a product manager for Bing, tells all regarding Microsoft’s decision to directly use GPT-4 technology for Bing’s new search technology, their relationship with OpenAI, the new Prometheus AI, and Bing Co-Pilot. Another key thing discussed in this interview is what has been learned since the launch of these integrations as well as where the future is headed for them.


(3) The AI Revolution: How It’s Reshaping SEO

James Scramko and SEOLeverage’s Gert Mellak discuss the feasibility of human writing in contrast to AI writing with this episode of Scramko’s podcast. They consider whether junior writers will even be necessary and think about the ways people will choose between traditional search engine queries and AI – including if Bing will overtake Google in that regard.


(4) SEO Content Creation Using AI with Dennis YU

The Digital Marketer Podcasts features Dennis Yu explaining how to currently take advantage of the features to best make use for SEO and SEO content writing. How are EEAT and PAA means of staying competitive in a post-AI technology world? Can SEO emulate TikTok by showing people what they want to see? Find out what Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics has to say about all of these topics by taking a listen.


(5) How to Use AI for SEO

The second part of a two-part podcast mini-series on AI. Per the name Growing a Fruitful Brand, Ben & Raj of Fruitful explain Google’s promise to filter unnatural language out of its search results, how good ChatGPT is at making specific and humanlike prompts as well as how to make your own prompts better, and the ethical implications of AI in search. If you’re also interested, feel free to check out the first part, which asks “will AI replace us?”


(6) What is the Future for SEO Tools Post-AI

Concerns about how ChatGPT may cozy writers to shortcutting, about AI iterating over AI content in training data, and about the legal side of AI are in this episode. How will marketers, humans, and Google discern what is AI written what isn’t? Is this piece of text written by AI? The answer to the latter is no, but if you’d like to hear more about this topic then feel free to listen.


(7) How AI is Revolutionizing Long-Form SEO Blog Writing

This podcast episode, featuring Justin Mcgill of Content at Scale AI, takes a different approach to most other opinions on the matter. This is one of the few pieces of SEO-based media taking a pro-AI stance with a direct, vested interested in AI content creation and tools. Since Content Scale AI was toying with generative AI technology surrounding long-form content writing since before the OpenAI craze, an extensive history from the AI creator perspective is offered.


(8) Best Practices for Utilizing Generative AI for SEO and How to Use Generative AI for Content SEO and PR

In this two-part series featuring Kristin Tynski, co-founder of Fractl, she offers both broad and specific advice about the best philosophy for how to effectively use prompts for results and ‘prompt-chaining’, which is the act of stacking prompt after prompt to refine a request for an AI. In this case, specifically ChatGPT. The latter-mentioned episode entails targeted aspects of content writing such as press releases and editing. She breaks down how ChatGPT can do embedded based clustering and novel data analysis, as well as other seemingly unexpected uses for this emerging technology in the SEO and marketing spaces.


(9) AI-Driven Content and the Future of SEO

Steve Wiideman of Wiideman Consulting Group discusses how both BARD and ChatGPT can be used for SEO purposes as well as how they compare, and how he personally has been using them. For example, BARD uses live sources which means its data is up to date, yet ChatGPT has still had more time and data to train with. They also go over possibilities in the future when it comes to career options and even schoolwork.


(10) AI Content Detection with Johnathan Gillham

Gert Mellak of SEOLeverage talks with Jonathan Gillham, who developed Copyscape, an AI-detection software for writing. Gillham explains the step-by-step process of his tool as well as his predictions for the significance of AI and how it might fundamentally threaten Google.


(11) SEO Expert Talks AI Use Cases & Career Advancement

In this SEO episode of this podcast, Britney Muller of Data Science 101 is brought on to talk about things such as when and how systematic hacks are used in place of actual AI, the danger of AI for disinformation, and what advice she has regarding people new to the AI space. A lot of the discussion is theoretical and surrounds the power of information and how it may help or hinder society at large, in a categorical sense.


(12) Using ChatGPT for SEO

The final entry on this list brings together a diverse team of marketing and SEO specialists from different online companies to share tips on how they each use ChatGPT to make their work both faster and easier, how it can help more technical/IT aspects of SEO, and how the affordability and availability of AI is creating inequality. With a whopping five people, the diversity of perspective is a guarantee on this one-off from the Majestic SEO Podcast.



With these podcast episodes summarized, I’d like to additionally cover some key takeaways from these podcasts. If you lack the time to listen to these podcasts, or just want the general ideas and perspectives going around, here are the most prominent points:


  • AI is a tool, not a replacement. While the technology — especially with ChatGPT — is powerful, it still seems to lack the human element necessary. It doesn’t develop a unique voice naturally and doesn’t add story into its content writing, which is a key component of Google’s E-E-A-T.


  • There is severe disagreement about the direction AI will take between individuals. Considering that there have been proponents of both AI creation and AI detection on this post’s list, this shouldn’t surprise anybody. Some think it will help Google, others think it will hinder. Some believe it could replace jobs, others see new job opportunities, such as prompt engineering, where the main point is to effectively prompt AI and add human voice to generate high quality content at a faster pace.


  • More experimentation is needed. Simply put, many of the guests and hosts on these podcasts say in unison that the best way to stay on top of AI and fully realize its potential is to play around with it. Play around with prompts and discover best practices. This is somewhat of a technological wild west, after all.


  • Many commented on how they started to replace Google with ChatGPT prompts. It’s worth keeping an eye on how Google, Bing, and other search engines will live in a world where an intelligence can automatically give far more specified answers than a search engine when written to correctly.


  • SEO will be able to take on a more sophisticated role as search engines like Google trend towards fixating the human element that separates real content from AI content. In essence, SEO experts may have an easier time attaining organic traffic, moving said traffic deeper in the funnel, and distinguishing the statistical difference to show value to companies and marketing departments. That’s not to say that this isn’t currently possible, but rather that it will likely get easier with the evolution of AI.


Bonus: SEO + AI Show

That’s right! An entire podcast dedicated to this exact combination of topics. They discuss concepts such as AutoGPT, use of AI for featured snippets, the newest AI models, and more. Each episode nears an hour, and the show includes original articles on AI topics as well. If you want to hear more about the combination of these two topics, this bi-weekly podcast hosted by Josh and Greg, founders of the KeywordSpy project, is the podcast to check out.


With an exhaustive list of AI and SEO podcasts, you will be more than ready to use AI effectively in your SEO, content writing, and overall digital marketing practices. Even if you don’t use AI, all the items on this list are solid resources to advance in the topic and figure out more.


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