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Search Engine Optimization & ROI

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SEO Return on Investment (ROI)

The long-term benefits of a comprehensive search engine optimization program have proven time and time again to be a better investment than simply putting up a website.

SEO Factors that Impact ROI

  • How much content does your site have?
  • Do you have a keyword targeted, consist source of new content?
  • Are you aligning content to the buying cycle?
  • How do you demonstrate your company’s expertise? Blog, video, etc.
  • Do you offer compelling calls to action to attract and keep the interest of site visitors?

Results Timeline
Most firms that work with FlashPoint Marketing on a long-term SEO strategy can expect to start seeing results within the first three months. There are several schools of thought that can be applied to a campaign to drive traffic and conversions, but we pride ourselves on offering services that are based on best practices recommended by major search engines – white-hat SEO. While these strategies offer some immediate benefits, the true value comes into play over time and you will continue to see upward trends in your analytics.

Results can vary according to existing SEO, amount of content, and what changes and adjustments need to be implemented. FlashPoint Marketing provides each new client with a website audit report that acts as the baseline benchmark for your SEO. This report will be used to measure your results against each month. Expect to see long-term results for the life of your website with a FlashPoint Marketing SEO strategy.

Return on Investment
All of our clients have experienced significant growth of their business through Search Engine Optimization. Many of our clients have seen a 100% increase in leads generated through their websites after the implementation of a long-term SEO strategy.

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