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How SEO Benefits CPAs and Accountants?

     -     Dec 5th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Accounting marketers face many challenges when managing the needs and demands of the department. The Partner group has expectations about what marketing should be doing for the firm. Depending on the size and sophistication of the firm these expectations can differ. For larger firms with multiple needs there is often more than a single individual in the marketing department ensuring deliverables are completed and deadlines are met. This most commonly comes in the form of someone that is responsible for proposal development or event management. For smaller firms, the department is often a “one-man band” that requires the accounting marketer to wear many hats to meet the firm’s expectations.

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What is Local SEO?

     -     Oct 16th, 2018   -     Local SEO   -     0 Comments

Many marketers are familiar with the term local SEO or at least the concept that what comes up in a search engine results in based (in part) on location. It makes sense especially if someone is using their computer or mobile to search for an auto repair shop or bakery that Google provide results that […]

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3 Tips for Content Amplification

     -     Sep 20th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

To run successful content marketing campaigns, businesses and brands in today’s market need to be on their toes and always stay one step ahead of the game. The phrase “content is King” has been pushed on businesses in their digital marketing campaigns to the point that many businesses are producing content on top of content, on top of more content, but not getting the results they were expecting. Great content is vitally important to every digital marketing plan, but perhaps the term “content is King” should be modified to say “content distribution is King”. To help you tailor your content distribution strategy to build a more successful content marketing campaign try using the below tips.

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The Importance of Great Content

     -     Sep 6th, 2018   -     Content Development   -     0 Comments

As more and more companies enter the world of search engine marketing the web has become saturated with content, content and more content. Depending on the search term(s) one can observe there are multiple search results featuring articles and videos that provide essentially the same information. In some cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the parcels of content because they provide virtually identical information. In essence, there are only so many ways that certain concepts can be explained, regulations dissected, and information conveyed. Sure, there are different ways to present the information but it’s rare that subject matter changes much from industry to industry.

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What is the SEO Value of a Microsite?

     -     Aug 8th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

From time to time we work with companies that have microsites that focus on a specific area or niche the company serves. The thinking is that the company’s expertise can be prominently featured and not have to compete for prominence as it does on the main site. For accounting firms, it’s common to have microsites that are industry focused (i.e. real estate, construction, technology) designed to attract prospects within a specific niche and geography. While this approach has proven successful in the past, many marketers are wondering if there is still SEO value to building microsites. The challenges involved in using microsites are various including the cost for initial development, technical maintenance, content update requirements, developing calls to action as well as establishing other methods to drive engagement.

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What is a Google-Friendly Site?

     -     Aug 6th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

When building a new website or launching a new web campaign many marketers are faced with the task of examining their website to make enhancements that will improve their ranking in Google. There is no shortage of information on the web about what one needs to do to make a site attractive to Google (and other search engines). The latest trend is on quality content and before that it was having a mobile (responsive) site and prior to that it was about keyword selection and ranking. The truth is that Google regularly changes/adds criteria to their ranking formula which makes it difficult for a marketer to be in complete compliance with these standards. However, this doesn’t mean you should not consider what Google is looking for from a website. Google has issued several guides, blog posts and videos that when reviewed together provide a general framework for how marketers can do well with the search engine.

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What is Structured Data?

     -     Jul 31st, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Keeping current with search engine marketing and search engine optimization trends can be a challenging task. After all, most marketers are responsible for more than just the company’s website. Other priorities need your attention and in the blink of an eye Google can make one change that can impact how your website is ranked and displayed which impacts traffic, conversions and new business. A relatively recent change that was announced by Google (as part of a joint effort with other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo) was structured data. This is a new type of data that website marketers can provide to search engines that allows certain parcels of content to be displayed with more information including photos and other details. It’s an important development that marketers in every industry need to be aware of, and where appropriate, work with their SEO and digital marketing provider to implement. To help clients, prospects and others understand the impact of structured data on their marketing efforts, FlashPoint Marketing has provided a brief summary of key details below.

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Getting Started in Content Marketing

     -     Jul 19th, 2018   -     Content Development, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Most accountants and accounting marketers understand that Google calls the shots when it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and when they make a change or develop a new set of criteria it’s essential to pay attention to ensure the firm’s website is falling in line. A key area where many firms struggle is in […]

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Virtual Private Services (VPS) Hosting

     -     Mar 20th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization, Web Design   -     0 Comments

In the world of website hosting there are many options to choose from and it can be difficult to know the difference between the options available. If you visit any hosting company’s website, you’ll see options ranging in price from $8 per month to those costing hundreds of dollars per month. The first question that comes to mind is what’s the difference?

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Role of Video in Content Marketing

     -     Feb 2nd, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Video marketing is something that scares most accounting marketers. There are a lot of unknowns as the “cost to entry” for an unproven tactic is one that scares away even the bravest of us. There are many accounting marketers that have considered the tactic but have not moved forward. After all, the firm would need to invest in some equipment, find the right partner or manager to speak, find interesting topics, present them in an engaging way, and do it in a way that represents the firm’s brand.

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