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The Importance of Great Content

     -     Sep 6th, 2018   -     Content Development   -     0 Comments

As more and more companies enter the world of search engine marketing the web has become saturated with content, content and more content. Depending on the search term(s) one can observe there are multiple search results featuring articles and videos that provide essentially the same information. In some cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the parcels of content because they provide virtually identical information. In essence, there are only so many ways that certain concepts can be explained, regulations dissected, and information conveyed. Sure, there are different ways to present the information but it’s rare that subject matter changes much from industry to industry. For example, FlashPoint Marketing works with accounting firms and when tax reform was passed there was an onslaught of articles and blog posts explaining the changes and benefits for various taxpayers. The truth is that every firm was seeking to explain the changes and therefore the content “appeared” to be the same. Why? Simply because the subject matter being discussed was identical. This raises an important question that marketers in all industries need to contemplate – what should we do to differentiate ourselves from competitors in content creation? To help clients, prospects and others understand how to overcome this challenge and create great content, we have provided a summary of key points below.

Content Development Tips

  • Consider the Buyer– It’s important for marketers to consider the buyer when they develop content for their website and other digital mediums. A key mistake many make is they regularly publish content for a single buyer type and virtually ignore the rest. This happens because the company may be more familiar with one set of issues and challenges and therefore more comfortable writing about it than others. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to consider the issues and challenges that buyers face and how the content will educate, inform and empower them to make essential decisions about future investments or their business overall. Too often companies get stuck in the rut of producing the same type of content believing it’s helping digital marketing efforts when it’s not driving value to the buyer.
  • Focus Your Topic – Depending on the company and industry served, there may be times when complex topics are covered in a blog or article. While it’s important to demonstrate your company’s knowledge and understanding of complex issues, it’s also important to stay focused on a single topic and not stray from the script. There are numerous examples on the web where a company dove into a topic only to lose focus and essentially confuse not only themselves, but also the reader about what the main point of the article or blog originally was. For this reason, it’s essential to stay on point and be concise. When writing or reviewing content for your company, be sure there is a clear focus to the piece and that it’s maintained throughout. The last thing anyone wants is to consume content that lacks clarity or a consistent message.
  • Make a Contribution– Recently a client produced a blog post on an accounting pronouncement for insurance companies. They followed the typical formula of reviewing key points of the change, identifying steps that companies would need to consider when implementing as well as common missteps to avoid. When reviewing the edits to the blog I noticed that a paragraph had been removed in the editing process. The paragraph that was removed provided the firm’s take on the changes and offered valuable insight into what the changes meant as well as what companies impacted by the change could expect in the future. In other words, the most valuable part of the article had been eliminated in editing. It’s important not only provide essential facts and details, but to also offer professional opinions and insights that customers, clients and prospects need to know. This is what makes content great and will help your company stand out online.


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Developing great content is an essential component in a robust search engine marketing program. It’s also one of the most difficult to manage – especially for marketers that are receiving content from multiple authors and sources. By following the above tips and influencing the process to consider them, it’s possible to elevate the quality of your company’s content.

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