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3 Tips for Content Amplification

     -     Sep 20th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

To run successful content marketing campaigns, businesses and brands in today’s market need to be on their toes and always stay one step ahead of the game. The phrase “content is King” has been pushed on businesses in their digital marketing campaigns to the point that many businesses are producing content on top of content, on top of more content, but not getting the results they were expecting. Great content is vitally important to every digital marketing plan, but perhaps the term “content is King” should be modified to say “content distribution is King”. To help you tailor your content distribution strategy to build a more successful content marketing campaign try using the below tips.

Find and Engage Your Audience.

It’s nothing new to go to where your audience is. If your consumers spend their time on Facebook, push your content there, or maybe they are using LinkedIn or some other social platform. Whatever the case may be, take time to research where your target audience spends its time online and submit your content in those digital spaces. Engage with them and try to connect on an emotional level.

Marketing that addresses human needs and motivations has proven to be the most successful. Audiences are compelled when they can connect on a personal level to things they see and read. It’s important to get clarity on who your audience is and then match your “why” with theirs.

For example, if you are in the financial planning business, during the month of May when graduations are happening, try sharing college-bound budgeting tips. January is about resolutions and new beginnings. This is a good time to publish a financial planning infographic along with tips on building a savings account or retirement fund. By engaging in this manner, your audience will feel their lives have been simplified by reading, watching or listening to your content.

Share, Share, Share!

Sharing content should be more than just tossing it out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. That’s a good start, but there is more to it. You will spend a significant amount of time sharing your content if you are doing it effectively. There are several tools available that will automatically share your content – for example – or Twitterfeed will automatically pick up your content and share it to various platforms.

A good idea is to share your content across all your social media platforms and then strongly encourage others to share your content. A great way to accomplish this is to display sharing options within the post so that readers can easily share with a simple click. Anything more than one or two clicks will turn people away and the sharing opportunity is lost. Another great way to get others to share your content is to simply ask them to share it. Remind them with a simple call to action. Pinterest pins with a call to action get 80 percent more shares. Tweets that ask people to retweet them get 51 percent more retweets vs tweets that don’t ask.

Email Marketing

This is an excellent way to distribute content. Sending emails to your customers or clients remains one of the best ways to keep them engaged with your brand. Promote your email sign-up on your website, blog, landing pages, and anywhere you can that makes sense. However, it is important to clearly indicate what people are signing up for when they submit their email address to you. You don’t want them to view your emails as junk. Building your email list, the right way will ensure that email engagement remains high.

Reach out to a trusted friend or colleague in your industry and ask them to share a link to your post with their email distribution list. Your email signature is also an excellent place to promote content. Every time you create a new piece of content, including a link to that piece in your email signature. You can write something as simple as, “Check out our latest blog post, XYZ.”

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There’s a myriad of ways to distribute your content, and while the tips that have been shared here may seem obvious, they could be a game changer for a business getting buried under a build-up of content. If you have questions about content distribution or need assistance with a search engine marketing issue, FlashPoint Marketing can help.

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