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Getting Started in Content Marketing

     -     Jul 19th, 2018   -     Content Development, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Most accountants and accounting marketers understand that Google calls the shots when it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and when they make a change or develop a new set of criteria it’s essential to pay attention to ensure the firm’s website is falling in line. A key area where many firms struggle is in the development of quality content because it’s hard for marketers to write about technical topics or areas where they simply don’t have the practical knowledge or expertise. As for accountants, it’s tough for them to take time out of their billables to dedicate themselves to this kind of work. While these challenges are compelling and a struggle for many, it’s not hopeless. We work with many firms that over time have developed a content culture that has them reaping the rewards. To get you started, I have provided a few tips to get the juices flowing on how to generate quality content for your firm. While these are not right for every firm, they will provide a foundation against which you can create and manage your own content marketing program.

VIDEOS: Over the course of the last 10 years, online video has not only grow in popularity but has also exploded into the online world including the ability for users to broadcast live to their followers – think Facebook. It’s a known fact that a single piece of video content has the potential to go viral which can create a plethora of opportunities. Knowing the above, consider the creation of a video series for your firm. Of course, the videos don’t have to be overly complicated or professionally edited but they should be resourceful and helpful and include options such as:

  • Daily tips
  • Q&As from clients
  • Discussions focused around news related articles

PUBLISH LONG-FORM, HIGH QUALITY CONTENT: It has been proven through numerous studies that one of the best ways to get noticed online is by publishing quality, long-form content. And when it comes to social media shares, long-form content outperforms its counterpart of shorter content. Of course, one may think that long-form content is for blogging only but that is simply not the case. Copy that is well-written and lengthy does many things for your firm including:

  • Demonstrates expertise on a subject or topic
  • Shows onlookers including peers that you’re not just trying to get attention
  • Increases your SEO site rank
  • Can increase web traffic to your firm’s site

CONNECT CONTENT TO SALES: This is an area where most accounting firms really struggle. The standard practice is to create content that speaks to a recent event, legislative change or regulatory update. This lends itself well to those in the early sales stages or the end of the sales funnel, but there is often nothing for those in the middle. When planning content be sure to consider how the material will speak to people in various parts of the sales cycle.

  • Try split testing landing pages
  • Rethink how your firm’s website is created for function

A great question to consider before creating each piece of new content is “What portion of the funnel is this connected to?” The answer will help you drive how the content is written. Remember that the sole purpose of content is to:

  • Create new customers
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers, and
  • Bolster your brand

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Content marketing is area of SEM that many firms are still trying to wrap their arms around. The best approach to take is to start small and establish small victories. This will generate interest in your firm from others and make your efforts run more smoothly.

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