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What is Google Site Kit?

     -     Nov 20th, 2019   -     Google, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Reflective of the growing popularity of WordPress, amongst CPAs, accounting, law, and other professional service firms, Google recently published its own plugin. Site Kit, as the name suggests, provides marketers with the ability to access a variety of information from their Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. There is also an option to connect the firm’s website to Google Page Speed Insights, the Google-branded tool for checking page load time (both mobile and desktop).

What are the Benefits of Site Kit?

The most practical benefit of Site Kit is that it allows a marker to gain access to insights from multiple Google tools without having to enter a Google tag or other tracking code on the site. This task can be an obstacle because most are unfamiliar with PHP code and don’t want to make an error that may adversely impact their website. Beyond this, the dashboard approach allows marketers to quickly assess site performance and make changes to enhance their ranking or site load time.

Below is a photo of the Site Kit dashboard.


As An Aside – Google’s Investment in WordPress

Whether or not you download the plugin and use it on the company’s website, the fact that Google has created a plug-in for WordPress is telling. This is the first time Google has published a plug-in for the platform and demonstrates the viability of the CMS.  It was reported last year that Google has formed a partnership with WordPress to accelerate development on the platform. In fact, Google has been hiring WordPress developers for over a year now.

Since Google has a development team dedicated to WordPress, then it’s likely the number of websites using the CMS will continue to grow. According to a recent report, WordPress is used by 29% of the websites worldwide while the popularity of other platforms like Joomla, Drupal and Squarespace have seen a steady decline. This fact combined with the new focus on the CMS from Google means that accounting marketers should seriously consider WordPress for their next web re-design project. After all, if the goal of the website is to generate leads for the firm, then it makes sense to work on the platform that Google supports.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Google Site Kit? Are you already using it on your firm’s site?

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