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SEO Optimizing for Content Checklist

Quality Content Checklist

     -     Oct 24th, 2017   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

In the realm of SEO and better Google rankings for your website most marketers are aware that good, quality content is one of the top three ranking factors. But, as a marketer, have you ever wondered what makes your content “good” from an SEO perspective? If not, it’s a great question to ponder upon and seek answers to because content without an SEO strategy is not going to survive in a digital marketplace.

Basically, in order for your firm’s website content to stand out over competitors and others online, it requires SEO. Unfortunately, SEO is an area that is confusing and foreign to many marketers not to mention search engines are not jumping through hoops with processes and procedures let alone checklists of what quality content is to assist those with websites. So, to help our clients and others understand what it means to have quality SEO content on your website, FlashPoint Marketing has summarized this subject in a five step checklist.

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