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Power of Imagery

Power of Website Imagery

     -     Feb 22nd, 2019   -     Web Design   -     0 Comments

In the beautiful world we live in, it’s no wonder humans are visual creatures. Moment by moment we are saturated with visuals – some better than others – and the online world is not much different. Think of all the websites one visits daily and what they are comprised of – images and content. Which stand out the most and are remembered? Most likely the answer is websites that utilize amazing imagery. In a very subliminal way, images have the power to persuade us to engage with a brand and ultimately make a purchase a service.  Most certainly one’s curiosity has been piqued. Therefore, why is imagery so potent? Below are three poignant reasons.

Instant Communication

Have you ever stopped to ponder how an image can communicate a message instantly? The answer is quite fascinating. The reason is because the human brain can interpret images 60,000 times than text. That’s a HUGE When a visitor goes to a website for the first time, an impression is formed in as little as 50 milliseconds (translation 1/20th of a second). In a highly competitive online market this determines whether they will stay or leave. Therefore, it is important to engage visitor instantly and images have the power to do this. As an example, using the following search terms – “paddle board manufacturers” – I came across the below two websites. Which instantly captures and retain your attention?



It is a scientific fact that imagery has a much greater impact on the brain compared to text that is read. The reason for the visual impact is because images get fed straight into our subconscious which drives an emotional response, unlike symbols such as text which require the brain to decode and read. Imagery not only appeals to the left side of the brain that engages logic, but also to the right side which is where imagination and creativity originate. The point is that to have a maximum impact on website visitors, remember to “show” things and not always “tell”. The below infographic is proof of this.


Keep Em Coming Back

Communication is only effective if the information given is retained by your audience. The world is a bustling place filled with information that is often lost or ignored when it is not in a digestible format. Because the human brain processes images faster it also retains and transmits much more information when it’s delivered in a visual format. Therefore, consider spending time to integrate good imagery into your website because doing so can boost how much your visitors absorb and remember and make the difference between your website and a competitor’s site. What’s the result and bottom line? Great images have the power to not only support your content but also subliminally assist in converting site visitors into new clients.


Thinking about images in terms of their power and benefit is important where websites are concerned because a user’s impression is key. Compelling images have a unique ability to inspire and engage your audience while providing useful information. Take the time to make all images on your website have such an impact and watch your website traffic and time spent on pages increase.

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