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New Google SEO Starter Guide Published

     -     Dec 20th, 2017   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Last week Google announced that it has published a new version of the dated search engine optimization (SEO) starter guide. The guide is a “must have” tool for any accountant or accounting marketer looking for best practices on steps they can take to position their website with Google. While some of the information is technical in nature it does provide a baseline of information to get interested parties started. The guide replaces the prior version and renders the Webmaster Academy obsolete because it covers essential information that was previously available in the two locations.

The new guide was changed to incorporate best practices around changes which Google has been ushering in over the past few years. Topics such as the need for SEO, structured data mark ups and importance of mobile friendly websites are covered. Google has released the new guide in 8 languages beyond English, so if you prefer to consume this information in another language then you are in luck.

To download the new Google SEO starter guide, click here for the English version. If you have questions about the information covered feel free to contact us. We love SEO and are passionate about making it work for accountants, marketers and other business owners.

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