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New Features Added to Google’s Popular “Test My Site” Tool

     -     Jul 11th, 2017   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

When it comes to SEO, many marketers are aware of the numerous factors that affect their firm’s website rankings. Some marketers are aware of the free tools offered by Google to help them measure, position and make changes to their site for more effective positioning with the search engine. One valuable tool, that all marketers need to know about, is the “Test My Site” tools which helps firms measure their sites performance across multiple devices. Considering Google’s continued emphasis on mobile device friendliness this is an essential tool to understand how a firm’s site is performing. To use it, all one needs to do is enter their website URL into the tool and it will provide a free report of possible changes to make. This tool has been available for quite some time but has recently been improved upon.

Enhanced Results

Recently, Google made an announcement that they’ve updated the tool to include more comprehensive results than just your site’s mobile speed and performance scores. Through the tool update, users now can see the percentage of users being lost due to a slow loading website. This is a wonderful update because it impresses the importance of speed optimization and how it’s tied to search engine rankings.

To explain a bit more in depth, the tool will estimate not just how long it takes for your mobile site to load but also how many visitors you’re potentially losing during load time. It will also indicate how well your site is doing compared to your competitors by doing a benchmark of your speed on your mobile site compared to others within your industry. This is a very useful tool because of the limited amount of data about other CPA and accounting firm websites performance and other metrics.

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The changes made by Google empower firm marketing directors to gain a deeper understanding of the state of their current site and what steps they need to take to improve it. If you have questions about this or other SEO or content development issues, FlashPoint Marketing can help! For more information or questions on how to improve your site’s online visibility, call (720) 535-5047 or click today. We’re here to help.

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