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Importance of Middle of Funnel Content

     -     Feb 1st, 2017   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Content – it’s your website’s product and when it is high quality it’s the reason people come to the site. Most accounting marketing profb2b_content_funnelessionals understand the importance of consistent content development and have created a process which permits this. Many websites offer a variety of content for those seeking more information or ready to make a purchase. However, several firms seem to struggle is in providing content that appeals to those who are not yet ready to make a purchase (Middle of Funnel). How does the firm keep them engaged with the brand during this time? This is an essential question that accounting marketers need to consider as they continue to refine digital marketing efforts.  To help clients, prospects and others understand MoFu and its importance, FlashPoint Marketing has provided a summary of essential points below.

What is Middle of Funnel?

Middle of Funnel refers to those prospects that have an interest in a service the firm offers, but are not yet ready to purchase. (Imagine a funnel in your mind, at the top are those who are exploring and gathering information, the middle is those who have a need but are not ready to buy, and the bottom are those who are ready to work with the firm.) This could be the case because of timing, expiring contractual agreements, need for additional information on process/service and many others. In other words, it’s the bridge between the first and last steps in the sales cycle. Unfortunately for marketers, prospects can stay in this stage far longer than we may desire.

Middle of Funnel Content

The content developed for Middle of Funnel prospects is different from the more traditional content seen on accounting firm sites today. It’s designed to help prospects identify the various solutions to their problem(s), more detailed explanation of how the firm’s service addresses a specific challenge, and implicitly answer why the firm is the right solution for the prospect. A common mistake many firms make is their content talks about what the firm can do, awards earned and qualifications obtained. While this is important it doesn’t help, the prospect determine how the firm can help them solve their challenge. Middle of Funnel content should provide ample information to give insight into how the firm can help. Note that it should not explain each step, but “tease” the prospect to conclude your firm has the answers.

Middle of Funnel Content Examples

By nature, this content requires a detailed understanding of a potential issue and how to solve it. That’s why most firms don’t do well with this content because it honestly requires the assistance and engagement of service professionals, which is not always readily available. Once engaged, there are several types of content they can help to create, including:

  • Downloadable Checklists
  • Advantages/Disadvantage Blog Posts
  • Whitepapers
  • E-Books
  • Podcasts

The key is that the content take a more in depth look at the different ways to addressing and solving a potential problem. Providing this level of information will not only engage these prospects, but provide also provide a forum to display the firm’s knowledge in a specific area.

In Closing

Middle of Funnel is a critical area of a content strategy that every accounting marketing professional should review and optimize. Investing time in developing and enhancing content for these prospects will ensure a greater flow through of prospects from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.

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