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How Do I Improve My Local SEO?

     -     Oct 23rd, 2018   -     Local SEO   -     0 Comments

Did you know that almost half of all Google searches are conducted by users looking for local information? Even in your own use of Google, think about how often you add ‘near me’ or your city after the search term to narrow down the results. These same principles apply to local searches for professional services firms also. Before you continue reading this post, Google a common search query for your firm. Try using something like ‘CPA and tax preparation’ or ‘labor and employment attorney.’ Then add ‘near me’ or the city where your firm is located. Does your firm’s website appear on the first page of search results? If it doesn’t, there is an opportunity to push your firm up the rankings and claim your spot at the top. Below is a list of a few quick steps you can take that will go a long way to improving your local SEO.

Audit Your Local Presence

Before making any changes to your efforts, it’s important to conduct a local SEO audit. While these can be complex and provide insight into several areas of your efforts, we have found a free tool available from Moz (Check My Listing). It provides some basic insights into where your local SEO currently is as well as steps to improve it. Once you have the results, consider the suggestions provided and our list of steps to help move it up the ranks.

Check My Listing










Optimize Your Website’s Title and Meta Tags

Every page on your site should have its own title and meta description tag which should be unique and compelling. It’s a best practice to include the name of the firm along with a geographically modified term at the end of each description. An example might include – Clown and Company CPAs – Denver CPA Firm. Don’t forget to add a reference to the city, state or other essential geographic information that pertains to your firm. Also, best practices require a limit of 60 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description tag. While we know that can be difficult, it’s important to stay as close to these character limits as possible.

Monitor Online Reviews

Most people trust an online review from a stranger as much as a personal referral from a friend. Nearly everyone searching for the services your firm provides will check out your online reviews before they decide to reach out. Bottom line: online reviews matter. If you’re unsure where to start, focus on Google and Facebook. Quick tip – most clients will happily write an online review if you ask them.

Localize Schema Markup (Structured Data)

Schema markup is concerned with the data Google uses to build your firm’s profile on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Think about the last thing you searched for. Perhaps it was the phone number to a local restaurant. You didn’t have to visit the website to find information on hours, location, reviews, and contact information. Why?  Because the website utilized schema markup, or structured data, and it’s the language of search engines.

To get started, log on to and type in the type of organization you have. The easiest way is to search for ‘accounting firm’ or ‘law firm’ on, then optimize the data on your site’s homepage with categories like address, business description, employee contact, and reviews. If you have a Word Press website there are several free plug ins that can assist you with this task. If you want to double check to ensure your structured data is correct, Google offers a structured data testing tool.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Create Localized Content

Localized content can be established by:

  • Creating a write-up on a local industry niche
  • Using local images on your site and including the city name in the meta tag
  • Guest posting on local blogs and inviting guest authors to post on your blog
  • Attending local events, and establishing a PR strategy that incorporates local media coverage.

The above are just a handful of ways you can develop localized content. Be sure to incorporate this type of content into the firm’s content marketing program because it’s important to regularly publish local content.

Other Ways to Improve Local Listings

You can also take steps to improve local SEO listings by claiming your business page on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and online business directories. Next, cross-check how your firm’s name appears in different online directories and correct any discrepancies. Finally, ensure that your site is completely mobile-friendly because it’s a best practice not to mention that many local searches are done using mobile phones.

Google My Business

Contact Us

A solid local SEO strategy can dramatically improve the relevance and ranking of your firm’s Google search results. Using the above tips are just a few basic steps that marketers and business owners can do on their own to improve listings. An SEO expert can help guide you on more detailed, proven strategies. If you’re interested in how FlashPoint Marketing helps firms like yours improve local SEO listings, let us know! Click here to contact us or call (954) 621-8080.

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