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How Do I Get the Best Staff Headshots?

     -     Nov 6th, 2018   -     Web Design, Websites   -     0 Comments

When an accounting, CPA or law firm undertakes the process of revamping their website, an important consideration to make is professionals’ photos, including headshots and action shots. The truth is no one gets a second chance to make a first impression and headshots and custom imagery of the firm or company’s professionals is a key portion of that first impression. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure the photography team you hire can capture the firm (and its team) in the best light possible. Ensuring that you capture the “spark” or angle that connects the site visitor with the experience and value proposition of your company is imperative. Headshots should be great and drive home that your company and its team are unique and drive value. Unfortunately, many marketing professionals don’t know where to start when it comes to getting the most out of the process. While it can feel overwhelming, the combination of a good photographer and the tips below can produce amazing results. Important tips we have learned over the years with our web development clients on how to prepare for headshots are as follows:

  • ATTITUDE: Headshots are all about attitude. If one expects to fail, that’s probably what will happen. However, if someone has a positive attitude it will rise above everything else. A subject’s attitude in the photo is the most important element because it’s how the user will perceive you. Positive and approachable goes much farther than negative and closed off.
  • LOCATION: It’s important to determine where you want your photographs taken. Perhaps the firm doesn’t have a great office that looks like an Apple or Arhaus store inside. No worries! You can still get great indoor headshots by choosing a location that can be blown out and placed out of focus. This can be accomplished near a window or some other unique feature inside of your office. If shooting near a window, do be mindful of watching out for the reflection of your subjects against the glass as it may require retouching from your chosen photographer which can add cost. A few great examples of inside shots with the background placed out of focus include the following:

    If you don’t want to go the above route, try looking at an “art gallery” style and shoot on a clean white seamless such as the below examples.
    If you would prefer something less modern than clean and white, you can always shoot on a gray or other colored backdrop with nice lighting like the following examples:
  • CLOTHING: As for your subjects, it’s recommended to guide them to wear neutral-colored clothing that is clean and void of too many busy patterns or tightly knit patters (herringbone, houndstooth, etc.). Below are great examples of what not to wear because they’re a bit too busy.
    Dressing for headshots - CPA Firm SE0Examples of styles and clothing to wear include the below.
    Law Firm Headshots - Law Firm SEO
  • STYLIST: While it’s not always in every firm’s budget, it is highly recommended to hire a stylist to assist with makeup and art direction during the shoot. A good stylist is worth their weight in gold in helping to make a photograph and its subject look amazing and the best they can. As the marketing manager, it’s important to communicate this not only to the stylist, but also to your staff. Instruct women to do their makeup in a very natural way. “New Years Eve” makeup for a corporate photoshoot is unnecessary and does not look good. Your stylist’s job is to assist with hair and makeup touchups. Remember when it comes to makeup, adding is easier than taking away. A few examples include the below.
    Benefits of Natural Makeup - CPA Firm SEOMake Up Completed - CPA Firm SEO


Ultimately remember to have fun and do your best to rally staff members and get them excited. Obviously, it’s overwhelming and a little difficult with all these do’s and don’ts, but if you are excited and happy, they will be too. It’s also worthy to note that a good photographer and stylist realize some subjects can be challenging. They keep tips and tricks up their sleeve to break the ice and relax subjects, so they have more fun. With that said, say “cheese”!

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