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Dedicated Hosting – Is It Right for Your Firm?

     -     Apr 20th, 2018   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

When building a new firm website or experiencing issues with an existing firm website, the question of web hosting usually arises. When building a new site it’s not uncommon for a firm to assess a new provider. On the other hand, if they are having performance issues it’s normal to wonder what role the web host may play in the equation. As discussed in prior blog posts, there are several web hosting packages to choose from and often the differences are unclear. It’s simple to visit a web hosting company’s site to see the range of prices and services offered. There are packages as low as $2.95 per month and packages with a hefty $299.99 per month are available. So, what’s the difference and what does a CPA firm need? To help clients, prospects and others gain a better understanding of web hosting fundamentals, we have approached this topic by exploring the differences between the several types of hosting packages. In this blog post, FlashPoint Marketing will review the advantages and disadvantages to dedicated hosting and when a firm may want and need such a package.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

This is a web hosting package where a firm is provided a dedicated web server for their website. Unlike other web hosting packages, there is no sharing of services or resources in a dedicated configuration which allows for maximum use of resources including disk space and bandwidth and offers an elevated level of customization. Since dedicated hosting offers the website owner access to the greatest number of resources, the cost for this package is often significantly higher than others.

Dedicated Hosting Benefits

  • Flexibility and control: When using a dedicated host, firms can customize the server configuration according to their website’s specific needs and wants without the worry of affecting other sites. This includes the freedom of choosing what applications to install and what configurations to finesse to best fit the website.
  • Enhanced security: In a dedicated host environment, firms enjoy a higher level of security since they are not sharing the server with other websites. This virtually eliminates the opportunity for hackers and other unwelcomed misfortunes. The only security risks posed to the website comes from the vulnerabilities of the firm’s own website. This is in stark contrast to a shared hosting package where one site’s vulnerabilities can leave every site on the shared server at risk.
  • Increased performance: Since the server is dedicated to only your firm’s website and there are no other sites to share the resources with, you can be assured of better stability, server reliability and top performance.

Dedicated Hosting Drawbacks

  • Cost: Compared to other hosting situations, dedicated hosting is far more expensive. This is because no other websites share the cost of operation. Additionally, there is the added cost of hardware upgrades, additional software installations and perhaps, the need to hire professionals to handle the server administration and management tasks.
  • IT Skills: Managing a dedicated host is a complex matter and requires the assistance of an experienced professional to not only complete the initial server configuration, but also provide the ongoing maintenance and support services that are needed to keep your website healthy. In other words, a dedicated hosting package is not something that should be managed by an accounting marketer. If you are seriously considering this type of package, it’s important to consult with your IT department to identify if you have the needed skills in house to keep the site running properly.
  • Not One Size Fits All: Dedicated hosting is not recommended for small to mid-size accounting firms. The reason is because the cost, resources needed and resources available for this type of set up are complex and speak to the needs of firms with a high volume of traffic. It’s like purchasing a Lamborghini if you only need a Chevy to take you from point A to point B. If the firm website doesn’t have at least 50,000 website visitors per month, you may want to consider a VPS or shared hosting package.

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There are many reasons that an accounting firm will look to change their website hosting package. Before you start researching the assorted options it’s important to understand the differences between the packages. If you have questions about website hosting, are considering re-designing your website or need assistance with Search Engine Optimization, FlashPoint Marketing can help. For additional information please call us at 954-621-8080 or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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