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Why Your Firm Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

     -     Jul 25th, 2018   -     Content Development   -     0 Comments

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Professional service firms have a unique challenge in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) because the nature of their work is selling intangible services rather than products that someone can touch, smell and experience. While it does change the dynamic, it doesn’t mean that success is out of reach. It simply means that additional time is needed to create the optimal SEM approach which includes a robust content marketing strategy. For many this has proven to be a challenging task due to the number of moving parts and individuals that need to be involved across the firm including staff, managers and partners. While the challenges exist the benefits to developing a strategy are clear. According to the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, companies that adopt comprehensive content marketing plans experience increased ROI in marketing efforts. The study also highlighted key trends in content development tactics, content placement and key information on the content development process. To help clients, prospects and others become familiar with this essential information, FlashPoint Marketing has provided a summary of key information below.

Key Survey Findings

  • Content Marketing Tactics – The survey sought to identify the most frequently used content marketing tactics. According to the survey, 83% of participants indicated they use social media content, 80% use blogs, 77% use email newsletters, 68% use in-person events, 65% use eBooks and whitepapers, 60% use video, 58% use infographics and 57% use webinars and webcasts. Honorable mentions include online presentations, illustrations, photos, interactive surveys and tools. The survey also uncovered that marketers used an average of eight tactics as part of their strategy. It’s clear that a mix of strategies yields the best results. What are your preferred methods of content marketing?
  • Content Marketing Research – The survey also looked to identify the most popular methods used to gain insights about content performance and prospect behavior. According to the survey, 58% of participants use website analytics, 58% use keyword research, 50% use employee feedback, 47% use competitor analysis, 44% use social listening, 42% use client feedback and client panels, 40% use A/B testing and 37% use secondary data analysis. Other methods used include analyzing existing buyer data, database analysis and usability testing. It’s clear that marketers are regularly looking for feedback on buyer behavior and ways to increase content visibility. What research steps does your firm use?
  • Content Production – Another area of interest in the survey was the amount of content production in the coming year. 70% of participants indicated they expected to increase the amount of content produced, 25% expected to produce the same amount of content, 2% expected to produce less and the balance was unsure. The trend here shows the movement towards the additional production of content to drive traffic and engagement. Accounting marketing professionals should examine this trend to determine if additional content can drive value to their efforts.
  • Content Distribution Trends – To be successful in content marketing, it requires more than engaging content but also robust content distribution. According to the survey, 93% of participants use email marketing, 89% use LinkedIn, 77% use Twitter, 76% use Facebook, 59% use YouTube, 35% use Google+, 26% use Instagram and just 24% use SlideShare. Less frequently used distribution methods include Pinterest, iTunes and Snapchat. Surveyed participants indicated they use an average of six distribution methods as part of their strategy. What channels does your firm use to distribute content?

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Effective content marketing requires more than a regular flow of content for the firm’s website. Accounting marketers must carefully consider how they will share content and keep prospects, clients and referral partners engaged with their thought leadership. If you have questions about the survey or need assistance developing a content marketing strategy, FlashPoint Marketing can help! For additional information please call us at 954-621-8080 or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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