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Google Search Partner Ad

     -     May 11th, 2019   -        -     0 Comments

There really is a lot of information and very detailed explanations about the variables that determine quality score. If you want to take a deep dive, then I suggest giving Microsoft Advertising Help Guide a spin. How Maximum Bid and Quality Score Interact Now let’s look at the auction process in straightforward terms. This process happens instantaneously when a user enters keywords into their Google search bar. Let’s say your ad is in competition with four other ads for the keyword “plumbing contractors.” Google looks at your max bid and quality score, then multiplies them to determine your overall ad rank score. If your max bid is $3 and your quality score is 8, that leads to a total score of 24. Google compares that to the other ads bidding for the same keyword, and the order of scores determines the order your ads will appear. If you have the second highest score, your ad will appear second in the list of ads that appear in the user’s Google search results. Determining Your CPC (Cost Per Click) Now that the placements have been determined, Google determines the price each advertiser will pay for a click on their ad. This is determined by dividing the total score of the next advertiser below you by your quality score, then adding $0.01. If the advertiser in the slot below you had an overall score of 16, and your quality score was 8, you would pay $2.00 for the ad plus $0.01 for a total of $2.01 per click. This system ensures that users receive ads that are relevant to them and advertisers connect with the most high-value potential customers at the lowest rates. Not to mention, this system also brings in billions for Google. Ads That Appear on Webpages Google search results aren’t the only place where your ad might appear—it can also show up on webpages that have signed up for Google’s AdSense program. The bidding process is similar, but bids are set at the ad group level rather than the keyword level. They also differ in the sense that the relevance of an ad is determined by its placement on a webpage, rather than a search query. Below is an example of an ad in this format.

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