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Google Keyword Planner

     -     May 11th, 2019   -        -     0 Comments

When it comes to targeting your ad, keywords are your primary focus—but not your only one. You can also determine locations where you want your ad to appear (if your business is locally based), the timing of your ad, and of course your overall budget. But first, the all-important keywords. Choosing Keywords & Negative Keywords Choosing the right keywords for your campaign is the single most essential task you’ll complete when designing your ad. One of the biggest mistakes that advertisers make is that they throw a few relevant keywords and then move on. But the more keywords you can add to your list, the better. This doesn’t just include the highest-value keywords, but also what are known as ‘long-tail’ keywords. These are keywords that are relevant to your ad, but are less commonly used in searches. For example, if a popular keyword in your area is “plumbing contractor,” a long tail keyword in your space might be “fixing basement plumbing leaks from sprinkler system.” This is less likely to be searched than more common searches, but that also means it’s less expensive to bid on for placement with your ad. By adding many of these long tails to your keyword list, on top of the most common searches, you’ll be able to cast a wider net, and manage your budget while still getting impressive clicks on your campaign. Remember—long-tail keywords overall make up for the biggest portion of the search pie. If you are using the Google platform, they make it easy to identify keyword options through the Google Keyword Planning Tool. It’s quite useful for keyword research (hint: you can use it for organic SEO also) because it’s based on data directly from Google! It not only gives ideas about what keyword to target, but also provides search volume information. Check out the high amount of information available. It’s very useful that Google shares the cost to be at the top of page – let’s you know what you are getting into!

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