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Content Marketing Gains Importance While Backlinks Decline

     -     Jan 26th, 2017   -     Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

A recently published Google ranking factors study (by SearchMetrics) it has reported that backlinks are on the decline when it comes to websites and search engine ranking. As many firm marketers know, backlinks have had a huge impact on search engine rankings and SEO over the years. In fact, backlink building has one essential element in a successful SEO strategy. However, the game has changed. While backlinks are still important (nothing changes that quickly), it’s important to recognize that we have entered a new SEO area of self-learning algorithms. They can do magical things not done in the past including evaluating relationships between content and use intent. This change reinforces the idea that well written content – especially when it provides valuable information for prospects and customers – is a top component of SEO.

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