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What is a 301 Redirect?



Video Transcript

hi everyone and welcome to another video newsletter by flashpoint marketing. Today we’re gonna be talking about 301 redirects. Now I was recently asked to compile a blog post and a list of tasks that an accounting marketer or marketer in general would follow prior to launching a new website and one of the key topics here I want to talk about are redirects. When you create a new website often times the URLs change so that on the old site you may have and then the new site that URL may be sample CPA from dot-com slash audit. It in a test so these results that the pages that Google has indexed for your firm those addresses and will no longer be valid so you have to tell Google, hey man, we’ve moved. We’ve moved the content and by the way here’s the new forwarding address.

So a 301 redirect is essentially a notice to Google telling them that the page that used to be here is now over here and when someone wants to look at this old address send them to the new one. This is as basic as I could make it is very simple to implement if you have a WordPress website you can download a plug-in and update your 301 redirects through there. Also, there are several other types of redirects which are available some are telling Google hey this page temporarily out of business but will be back soon.

However, the most important one that you should know about is the 301 redirect so if you have a question or you know like a quick question that you want to be answered on a particular SEO website or content marketing topic either leave a message in a comment section below if you’re watching this on youtube or send me a message through the website contact form alright hope everybody’s doing great and make it a great day.


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