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SEO for Accounting Firms

SEO for CPA/Accounting Firms

In a highly competitive market such as accounting, it’s essential for your website to reach the highest number of potential clients and customers which is the exact purpose of SEO. When SEO is performed correctly it sets your website up to target clients and prospects that want and need your services not to mention it drives traffic to your website.

SEO is made up of roughly 200 individual ranking factors that all help your firm succeed online. Ranking factors include everything from properly coding your website to earning links to your site from other companies all which help generate leads. Some of the SEO methods FlashPoint Marketing uses are cited below.

SEO Tactics for Accountants

While there are many ways to enhance your website with SEO, some of the essentials are highlighted below, including:

  • Research keywords that are relevant to accounting – Keywords are the terms and phrases users input into a search engine to find what they are seeking online. When used correctly, keywords make the difference between a user finding your firm in their SERPs or not. Therefore, it’s essential to be found using keywords that are important to your business and this requires some initial research. This can be done by asking a basic question such as “What can your firm offer people searching online?”. The answer is simple – it’s what your firm does, i.e. estate trusts and tax planning, forensic accounting, auditing and assurance services, etc. Once you narrow down your keywords, it’s important to use them naturally throughout the content on your website. Be wary of overdoing it because you can get penalized for such actions.
  • Check your website to ensure your onsite SEO is optimized – With as much competition as there is in the accounting arena, it’s important to check your existing SEO to make sure it’s up to the task. Doing so includes:
    • Optimizing your website’s internal links for your chosen keywords.
    • Try creating different page titles and descriptions for each page. You can even localize them by adding your city or town to the description such as “Forensic accounting in [town name].
    • Check page URLs and utilize your targeted keywords when it makes sense.
  • Consider the user experience of your site and keep it focused on your potential clients- How your website is designed, navigated and functions are all elements that fall into the realm of user experience, and these can have a positive or negative impact on your search engine rank. Amazing SEO can bring people to your website but keeping them on your site is equally important. This is accomplished through building a website that is not only attractive and utilitarian but also keeps the user’s needs in mind. Remember to consider why users are coming to your website when designing. What did they come for? Can they find it easily? This is achieved through navigation and prioritizing information. Not everything can have the front seat so be sure to take time to carefully choose what is a priority versus secondary information and ensure that it is structured as such.
  • Offer quality content – It cannot be stressed enough that quality content is imperative to the SEO health of your website. Ensuring that the content that is written is not only original but also useful to your clients and prospects is key to attracting the types of people you’d like to capture as clients. Providing searchers with useful information is key to your online success. Do note that the content provided on your site should be your own. Search engines are quite smart and can identify plagiarized content which can prevent your site from being indexed. Therefore, all the SEO in the world can be rendered useless with less than great content.

Accounting Firm SEO Team

If you are interested in learning more about the SEO that can be performed on your site or need additional assistance with SEO, FlashPoint Marketing can help. Contact us today for additional information.

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