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Your Firm’s Website Sucks; How to Help Improve It and Boost Your Career at the Same Time

     -     Sep 22nd, 2015   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

When you visit most accounting firm websites, you see poorly designed pages that offer no valuable content. They don’t address clients’ needs, they don’t encourage interaction and fail to drive users deeper into the site. Plus, no Game of Thrones recaps.

In short, most accounting firm websites suck. And as a staff member, new partner or intern you may not only be cringing every time you look at it, but also wondering how this pile of suckage come to be.

Cookie Cutter Websites

The answer often leads back to one of the many out-of-the-box website companies that allow a firm to create a web presence in 3 easy steps. Basically an infomercial on late-night television.
These services allow a firm to make a few design modifications to an existing template and immediately launch a website. Most services even allow a firm to select from a catalog of pre-written content that explains service offerings and industry expertise. The result is almost always a generic site that doesn’t say much of anything, let alone drive activity, value or entice prospects.

The message that this type of site sends to prospects, clients and prospective recruits is: “We don’t understand the value of the web and we don’t really care. Not exactly the best message for any firm.

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