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Yahoo Axis Evolves Search Engine Optimization

     -     Jun 4th, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Recently Yahoo made some pretty big claims about changing the face of search forever, this comes just one week after the Google Knowledge Graph announcement.  Naturally I was a bit cynical as it seems that everyone is always playing catch up to Google, and of all the big browsers, is Yahoo really going to shake up the browsing world?

Yes, why yes they are.  In an announcement last week, Yahoo announced the launch of their new mobile browser, in conjunction with a desktop plug-in called Axis.  Axis is a new way to search, based on real-time results, trending topics, and most notably visual results.

I decided to install the browser plug-in to my Apple desktop, and also downloaded the mobile browser from the app store.  The plug-in for the browser was unintrusive, and unlike most plug-ins – it was anchored at the bottom of my browser window instead of crowding the top bar.


See that tiny bar at the bottom? Yup.  That’s the new Axis Yahoo search bar. Once you put your cursor into the search bar, this beautiful visual search interface appears – and all while browsing from the page I’m already on.  No need to leave the page where my original inquiry may have been prompted. As soon as you begin typing, results appear in real time as a preview of the website page.  So Clown Fish was my search term, of course when only Clown was in there – it was the wiki page about clowns, and then all the top results for clowns, and as I typed F – suddenly the fish started appearing in the results.  It was predictive search, much like Google – however I could see the web sites that contained the results and this was a huge advantage.  I wasn’t interested in the Wiki page – I wanted something with more visual reference and you can see that the top 4 results being shown are from varied sources – which one would you click on?


Mobile browsing was an equally interesting experience. On my iPhone the app was free – it allowed me to sign in (Using Facebook or Google) and connect to my existing desktop browser session.  I could pick up exactly where I let off.  Think about looking up directions to the nearest Pizza place in Orlando – jumping in your rental car and being able to reference the map and address seamlessly from your iPhone – and then tapping the address and using your Map application.  This is a feature that I was particularly drawn to.

Yahoo Axis as a mobile browser allows for the same visual  search interface, and using scroll actions you can search visual results for your query.  The mobile browser has a couple of additional nice features, including the ability to have multiple open windows, like the native iPhone Safari browser, and it has a handy share feature!


So this can clearly change the method we use to search the inter webs, but how does it change search engine optimization?

SEO is going to become more visually driven.  Start thinking about your website – does it sell you? Does it make your business look professional? Knowledgeable? Does it represent your business?

If you hold your marketing collateral up next to your website, is there an obvious correlation? If more search giants pick up this technology linking visual results to search queries it will be more important then ever to have a website that showcases the professional and polished nature of your firm.

A beautiful website that is easy to navigate is much more likely to be clicked on then one with harsh clashing colors and no use of spatial hierarchy.  More than ever, your firm website is a visual advertisement for your quality of service.

So what do you think? Will visual search be the next big thing in SEO? Is your firm prepared?

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