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Top 100 Most Influential People

     -     Sep 15th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     1 Comment

If you don’t follow Accounting Today then you likely have not seen the 2010 Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting. Generally, this list is composed of individuals that are either accountants or have been in the industry for several years and are involved in regulatory affairs. This year however there were two new names on the list which I believe represent a shift in the direction of the accounting world. In addition to all the deserving folks who get an honorable mention from me, I want to specifically mention two individuals.

Eric Majchrzak of Freed Maxick & Battaglia. This gentleman has been a pioneer in the creative use of traditional advertising and marketing in the accounting vertical. He has developed several digital billboard campaigns that are linked to his firm’s social media tools. In addition, Eric has “kicked through the door” in terms of search engine optimization. One visit to www.freedmaxick.com and you will see exactly what I mean.

Michelle Golden of Golden Practices is another name I am excited to see on the list. As many of you know she is a pioneer in the digital marketing in the accounting vertical as well. She has written the first book on social media for accounting firms and has been instrumental in driving thought leadership to accounting marketing professionals across the country. She has a great blog which you can reach by clicking here.

Besides these two professionals being great people and leading edge,  their inclusion on the list represents an “awakening” by the profession that there is a need for creative, cutting edge professionals like Eric and Michelle. We can not simply remain in a world where marketing is thought of as exchanging business cards at the golf course or a networking mixer. Yes those are components of marketing, but these two professionals have shown us that there are many many others. They have opened the door for the profession to see there are other methods. Finally these new methods are being recognized and acknowledged.

Congrats to Eric & Michelle. I personally appreciate what I have learned from your work and wish you both well!

Click here to view an online copy of the Top 100.

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