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Tips for Developing Effective Mobile Websites

     -     Aug 26th, 2013   -     Accounting Marketing, Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments

The emergence of digital marketing has significantly changed the accounting marketing profession. It used to be that if your firm had a website that provided basic information about the practice and a list of services then you were set. However, this formula is no longer valid. No longer do professionals need to be sitting in front of their desktop to access the web. There are now Blackberries, IPhones, IPads, an uncountable number of other smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that allow users to access information while “on the go”. So the challenge for marketers has become not only how to produce interesting and engaging content, but also how to present it so visitors using various mobile technologies can access the site. To help guide fellow accounting marketers, below we have provided some tips for getting started in the world of mobile marketing.


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