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Tips and Tactics to Successfully Market Your Firm Using Traditional Direct Mail

     -     Jul 15th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Creative Design, Inspiration   -     0 Comments

It may surprise you that direct mail still has an important role to play in the marketing mix. While it can be perceived as more expensive than digital marketing and much more difficult to measure, direct mail can have a meaningful impact on its recipients.

If a new direct mail campaign is on your horizon to plan, consider these tips as you prepare:

  1. Segment your data lists and mail targeted messages.
    This could be as simple as breaking a list down between existing customers and prospects, or segmenting based on demographics, interests or location.
  2. Use direct mail strategically and infrequently.
    Fewer, better quality mailings will earn you more bang for your buck.
  3. Content is king.
    Use compelling content such as content that matters and is relevant to the targeted individual. Appealing to their emotions will better inform and promote action from them.
  4. Integrate your direct mail with other marketing.
    Plan an approach that includes direct mail, plus follow-up eblasts, social media activity, promotions, an event, or a even series of blogs.

Once you utilize the above tips when planning, you can use the below tactics to engage your recipient when creating the physical direct mail itself.

  • Consider sending a three dimensional mailer.
    A branded, low-cost giveaway stuffed in a unique envelope with your direct mail piece is a great way to invite curiosity and keep your business top of mind. Be conceptual and try tying the promo giveaway into your messaging to really drive the point home. Additionally, if budget allows, you can also search for a higher-end premium item and tailor your data list down to your most promising prospects or existing clients.


  • Add personal touches for a less institutionalized feel.
    You want your mail to feel like a special message between your company and your prospect or existing client. You don’t it to feel every other piece of mail. A few tactics for that personal touch include: live first class stamps, fake USPS meter marks, “Do Not Bend” faux stamped text on the envelope face, recipient data on the envelope face that feels handwritten. Try combining a few of these judiciously for maximum effect.


  • Try sending your direct mail in larger format sizes.
    Instead of a conventional #10 envelope, consider using a 6″ x 9″ format. It will still mail at the preferred letter rate, while offering your message more impact in the mailbox or inbox. You might even consider a 9″ x 12″ format. You’ll pay a bit more for the larger size, but the open rate is worth is. All of the above sizes are available in various colors and papers from translucent to metallic for an upscale impact.


If you’re planning a new direct mail campaign and need a fresh creative approach or are in need of expert production help, let us know. Whether it’s a standard letter pack or a complicated 3-dimensional mailer and beyond, we create solutions and have years of experience in these arenas.

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