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Three Reasons to Send Client Holiday Cards Before Thanksgiving

     -     Oct 28th, 2015   -     Creative Design   -     0 Comments

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It’s that time of year again, and autumn is in full swing. The leaves are turning colors, the days are cooling down, and Halloween is upon us. These seasonal changes signal the inevitable time of year that marketing managers begin strategizing the annual firm holiday card. For some, this can be a daunting effort. Consider avoiding the controversy about whether to mention Christmas, secular vs. non-secular, snowman or snowflakes, and separate your firm from the volume of other mailings your clients will receive this holiday season by sending a Thanksgiving card.

Below are three reasons that sending your firm’s holiday card before Thanksgiving is a great way to help boost firm growth and keep you on top of your marketing game during the holiday craze:

  1. There’s no better time of year to extend thanks and appreciation than Thanksgiving. Trading in your firm’s traditional holiday card for a Thanksgiving card offers your clients a genuine message of gratitude, which is the exact message you most want and need to convey to your clients, prospects and other important recipients you want to keep on the radar. To take this one step further, instead of just stuffing branded and pre-printed cards into an envelope, have key staff in the firm personalize messages to recipients. A handwritten note from your firm’s staff can be the difference between a throw-away business greeting card and one that is kept and remembered which enriches the sentiment of appreciation and thankfulness.
  2. Staying a step ahead demonstrates the ability to be proactive. Another reason that it’s a brilliant idea to send a Thanksgiving card instead of the traditional holiday card is that by doing so, it demonstrates to your clients that your firm is ahead of the curve. Being proactive is a key quality that many firms advertise – so why not take advantage of this time to do just that. It is important to remember that planning ahead is key for the mailing to be successful. The week of Thanksgiving is always a short week for work, and clients often take time off. Therefore, you should target your card’s delivery date to be the Friday before Thanksgiving. If your mailing list is local or even regional, a USPS mail drop date of no later than Tuesday of your delivery week should do the trick and hit your Friday target. But, if your mailing is national, target your USPS drop date to be the Friday before your target date. Coast-to-coast mailings can take as many as five business days to deliver even with a First Class Stamp.
  3. Stand out to your audience. Your Thanksgiving card will arrive before the holiday frenzy.  A thoughtful, well-crafted message delivered early will make your card stand out from the flood of holiday cards arriving in December. Let’s face it – the holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone. You and your clients are focused on delivering year-end business results as well as juggling holiday commitments. Sending Thanksgiving greetings allows you more time to focus on the message you want to send your clients, and your clients have more time to enjoy it!

Think outside of the box this year and get ahead by handling your holiday mailing now. Doing so can make a real difference in reducing your year-end stress while truly touching the hearts of your audience. Wouldn’t it be nice to genuinely be prepared for the holidays and feel on top of the world in the workplace?

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