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Telemarketing Tips for CPA Firms

     -     Dec 14th, 2011   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

Okay… so maybe it’s not a myth that telemarketers always seem to call your house just as you put the pot roast on the table and you’re ready to sit down to the family meal, but B2B telemarketing is an entirely different kind of gig, so rest assured your prospects are not going to feel like you’re interrupting family time.  In fact, at Flashpoint we tend to get a different response entirely.

Business to Business telemarketing is a very cost effective method for finding long term business while leveraging a short term solution.  Often the ROI is more than 6 times the initial investment – and the recurring revenue year after year more than makes up any initial start up costs. When a well planned campaign is executed taking into consideration timliness of the service or product being sold, and a company value proposition that binds the pitch and the service – you can strike pure gold in new business using this approach.

Below we’ve included a couple of tips for CPA and Accounting firms who are considering telemarketing campaigns so that you can have the most positive experience and see maximum results:

1. Research your outsourced providers. 
Recognize that just because someone can pick up the phone doesn’t mean they should. It’s important that whatever outsourced telemarketing provider you choose understands your business.  If they can’t talk on your level about your business then they shouldn’t be making the first impression with your prospects.  Make sure they have at least a fundamental understanding of your industry so they know how to answer tough questions from prospects during the first point of contact.  Nothing is worse than losing a perfectly viable lead because your telemarketer couldn’t keep up with prospect questions.

2. Ask where the calls are made.
Are you going to be working with the provider you spoke with directly? Or will they be outsourcing your project to services overseas? If they are located in Maryland, and you are in the Pacific Northwest, how will they cater to the timezone difference for your prospects? These are tough questions that you should be asking your provider now, not after you have started the engagement.

3. Request an exclusivity clause in your agreement.
That’s right, unless you have one, companies are not obligated to turn down the same work, at the same time, using the same list for your competitors.  We’ll pause here so you can gasp in shock….


Any provider who is worth their rates will be more ethical than to work the list twice over, but we’re telling you because we’ve seen it happen.  So look your contract over, and if you don’t see it put in the request or don’t sign.

4. Request References
Anybody can tell you that they have worked sales miracles, but ask them to show you.  Better yet, ask them to provide you with a list of references you can contact yourself.  You can ask the tough questions with people who have already gone through the experience – and you are more likely to get honest feedback instead of the sales pitch.

The bottom line….
Don’t be foolish.  Any college kid can be hired on the cheap and call a list – but is that person you want to give the first impression about your firm? Are they well-versed in your industry? Are they motivated to see your business succeed? If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you should work with an outsourced professional specifically experienced in your industry.

Check back next week for the second part of our telemarketing myths article to learn what you can do in-house to insure a successful campaign.  I’ll cover topics such as choosing your prospect list, the follow up process, and why professional collateral materials are a must-have.

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