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So far the AAM 2009 Annual Conference has been an excellent source of information on a number of topics. Perhaps the most discussed topic on day one has been social media marketing and search engine optimization. The one thing that is clear from listening to the many wonderful speakers is the marketing world is changing. Internet and media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (among others) are becoming more important when reaching out to key prospects, referral partners and clients. While the traditional mediums are not going anywhere, the need for accounting marketing professionals to understand, create and adapt their marketing strategies for the social marketing medium is clear.

Some of the resources provided during the conference include:

Social Mention – This website provides a quick and simple way for you to determine the ROI your firm is receiving from social media marketing. It assesses your presence assigning scores in the areas of strength sentiment, passion and reach.

Scoopler – This website searches a number of outlets to determine what is being said about your firm, where your firm appears in search engine rankings and how much visibility you have. It is an interesting tool because it provides real time updates unlike other tools available.

Almost.at – This website allows the user to follow events happening in real time. It is an interesting site because it provides access to information on worldwide events from those attending. It provides a section for live posts, photos and other information relevant to the event. This tool has a lot of potential for firms hosting large events that they want to publicize in innovative ways.

Technology Story – This is a blog managed by Scott Klososky of SpeakerManage, Inc. Incidentally he was the first speaker at the AAM 2009 conference and was great! This pay for view blog researches and analyzes trends in technology and what impact they are/will have on the business world. This is definitely worth checking out especially if your firm is considering making a push into the Internet medium.

That is all for now. Great meeting a number of other bloggers including Rick Telberg and Joe Rotella.

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