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Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

     -     Jun 17th, 2009   -     Accounting Marketing, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments

As the usage of social media marketing continues to gain momentum(in the accounting marketing field and others), I have been searching for documented cases where a firm has been able to leverage social media marketing tools to attract new business. My hope was to find a situation where a firm had tracked the investment made and revenue earned from these efforts. In my search for this information I ended up on a blog called Nonprofit Notes, a blog designed for the nonprofit industry. At first I did not think I would find any relevant materials on the site, but after careful review I was proven wrong. Much to my surprise I found an interesting case study which centered on how a specific nonprofit was able to leverage Twitter to generate $8,000 in new donations.

The case study is entitled War Child and reveals how a nonprofit organization focused on helping children in war torn countries was able to leverage Twitter to educate prospects, members and donors on the horrid conditions of the Darfur region. The process facilitated a “real time” painting for those individuals receiving the Twitter feed. The case study includes actual tweets from the original feed. When you read the post it will become clear why and how the tweets had such an impact on the audience. (It is the written equivalent of the Christian Children’s Fund commercials that actually take you into an impoverished neighborhood and introduce you to the affected inhabitants.) Perhaps that is what seems so powerful to me. Where we used to rely on commercials of needy children to prompt action this group has proven that Twitter can do exactly the same thing (at a much cheaper cost).

Consider the ramifications of that situation. How can your nonprofit clients leverage Twitter and other social media marketing tools to promote their organization and recruit new supporters to their cause?

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