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Social Media Lead Generation

     -     May 9th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing, Social Media Marketing   -     1 Comment

In our travels across the web, we recently found an interesting and informative article on how to leverage social media tools to identify new leads. The article entitled, Be Helpful, Attract Prospects: 6 Social Marketing Tactics, featured on marketingsherpa.com provides practical advice for CPA and accounting firms on how to use these tools to generate leads.

What makes this article interesting is that it goes beyond the discussion on brand awareness, market positioning and client engagement and provide the actual steps for how to reach out through these tools and find new business. While social media does allow a firm to address the “soft marketing topics”, it is often more difficult to tie those benefits to a business development metric. The advice offered in this article works. I know this because I use some of these tactics myself and also because I have seen others meet with success using others.

A brief listing of the tactics include:

  • Share helpful tools on social networks
  • Monitor twitter for keywords
  • Subsrcibe to and participate in LinkedIn’s Answers program
  • Friend and follow journalists
  • Give website visitors multiple points of contact
  • Adopt a 24 hour response rule

This is timely advice and the source, Eric Majchrzak of Freed Maxick & Battaglia, in Buffalo, New York is a well respected expert on the matter. The good news is he was a large contributor to the piece.

To read the entire article, click here.

There is 1 comment

  • 8 years ago

    Daszkal Bolton   /  

    This is a great article. We have used some of these strategies with success.

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