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Six Ways to Capitalize on Your Firm’s Corporate Culture

     -     Oct 21st, 2014   -     Inspiration   -     0 Comments

In this interesting article from Inc.com, the author dives into what corporate culture is all about, and how exactly to define it. A well thought out and meaningful corporate culture can be a powerful thing on so many levels… from helping to support your firm’s recruiting efforts to find and retain the best and brightest talent, to building followers, fans and helping to support your nonprofit clients’ fundraising initiatives. A strong corporate culture can also support both community relations and brand awareness efforts, and give you a competitive advantage above and beyond your competition.

Interested in how you can capitalize on your corporate culture after you have figured out what it’s all about? Check out these six easy ways you can market your firm, by promoting your corporate culture:

1)       Maintain a cohesive message. Make sure all of your marketing, advertising and PR efforts are in sync, and communicate the same message, ideals and philosophy that have come together to build your corporate culture. Your audience should get the right message every time, no matter where or how it is delivered.

2)       Create strategic alliances and build your community relations efforts. Working together with and supporting the charitable or nonprofit clients and local organizations that tie into or relate to your corporate culture is not only a meaningful and rewarding experience for those involved, but it also helps build camaraderie amongst your employees and helps build goodwill. This involvement will also help create and maintain healthy relationships with impactful and influential organizations that can help build your company’s credibility and create potential future opportunities to explore.

3)       Create internal programming to reinforce your corporate culture. Define the things most important to your firm and create internal programs that offer your employees the chance to become well-educated about and represent your corporate culture, both inside and outside of the office.

4)       Blog it up! Use a corporate blog to tell your firm’s story and share what makes your employees and your business tick. Through interesting, entertaining, informative and timely posts, you can communicate who you and your employees really are, what your unique selling proposition is, and most importantly, what your company stands for.

5)       Special Events. Consider hosting an open house or special event to interact with your most important publics, including clients, prospects, community partners and the media.

6)       Get Connected! Use corporate social networking accounts to give your publics an inside look at your firm, what you have to offer employees, your community and the world. Make sure the content you put in front of your publics always reinforces what your corporate culture is all about and accurately tells your story.


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