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SEO Tip of the Week: Page Load Time

     -     Apr 13th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Does your web page’s loading speed affect your ranking?

When people say”page load time” for a website, they usually mean one of two measurements: “document complete” time or “fully rendered” time. Think of document complete time as the time it takes a page to load before you can start clicking or entering data. All the content might not be there yet, but you can interact with the page. Think of fully rendered time as the time it takes to download and display all images, advertisements, and analytic trackers. This is all the “background stuff” you see fill in as you’re scrolling through a page.

Take a moment to analyze your site’s page speed using the Page Speed Insights tool from Google to outline how fast they can load your site. As a general rule, try and get it as far above 90 as possible to ensure you’re not a search position lower than you should be because your site is sluggish.

Should you worry about your site’s speed?

Page rankings are often based on a combination of dozens of small algorithmic factors. Therefore, though page speed is a minor factor, even a small boost could be beneficial for your site. Don’t obsess over page load speeds, but it would be a good idea to dedicate a small amount of your SEO time and/or budget to speeding up your site. Page speed is also one of the factors totally within your control so its prudent to optimize this ranking factor.

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