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Finding the Right Web Developer



Video Transcript

Hi everybody Brian Swanson here with Flashpoint Marketing in the topic of today’s video newsletter is going to be having the right lighting in your webcast no I’m just kidding but I do have some good lighting now so you can properly see me the topic of today’s video newsletter is going to be finding the right web developer for your project and this is something that some firms struggle with because they end up going with an agency or with the developer and they think all developers are the same. They’re really not some of the key things to think about when you’re looking to hire that developer for your big web redesign one is figure out what their experience is there’s a big difference as this with any profession between someone who’s been doing it for a year or two or someone who does it on the side versus someone who’s made it their career or has 10 to 15 years’ experience seems pretty obvious but it does make a difference the next question you have to determine is content management system is the website developer recommending WordPress are they recommending Drupal are they recommending a closed content management system and ask why because once you put a website on a CMS it’s very expensive to move it so you want to make sure you have a key understanding of why your developer is programming on a particular platform and what the benefits are for your project.

Make sure that there’s a standard project plan in place I can’t tell you the number of firms that we work with that have hired a creative agency as well as a coder and then for some reason the project gets stalled things don’t go the way they’re supposed to and there’s just no real project plan in place to keep your project moving so make sure at the outset you have a project plan from your coder and from your creative agency if you’re using one.

Finally I’d look at pricing as pricing can vary significantly I did another video here not too long ago talking about what a website should cost and that was focusing heavily on the difference between templated websites and custom websites so be very clear about the pricing and what you’re gonna get and finally it stands reason but ask for references and particularly if you can ask for other accounting firm references look at their work carefully determine is the functionality we want for our site is this something that this project excuse me this coder can do is this something that’s web developer can do because as cpa firms as you get into the larger CPA firms there’s more custom coding they want that revolves around maybe CRM or automated marketing tools and you want to be sure that the coder you pick or the project excuse me the website developer you pick is capable of delivering what you need.

So thank you very much for your time if you have any questions or would like me to cover another topic in a video newsletter go in and reach out and if you’d like to subscribe to the channel or leave us a like thanks so much and make it a great day.

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