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Why SEO Matters for CPA Firms

     -     Dec 6th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization   -     3 Comments

A brief article by Katie Tolin, Director of Marketing for REA & Associates, on why Search Engine Optimization matters for CPA firms.

Buyer behavior is changing. People search online for information to make buying decisions. And the majority of those people don’t go past page one, two at the most, of search results. Marketers work with accountants to develop great content for their website that shows others you can solve their problems. However, what good is that information if it can’t be found? 

“People don’t buy accounting services online.” I’ve heard that comment more than once. I’d argue that is not an accurate statement. In November alone, we got 10 leads directly from our website. They range from an individual looking for help with back taxes to a consulting engagement to a local manufacturer who needs a business valuation. 

One of our most unique web leads was a larger company looking for help with multi-jurisdictional sales tax issues. We won the original engagement this past summer and have since sold two more projects to the client – and expect to sell even more.  

As traffic on the information superhighway continues to increase, it is imperative that marketers understand how to optimize for search engines. It needs to become part of regular marketing strategy, too. Things change quickly and you need to be able to adjust your strategy accordingly. Making a single investment in optimizing your site is a great first start. But the key to success will be allotting resources on a regular basis to optimize new content and tweak existing strategy. 

A major part of our jobs as marketers is to help generate leads. Traditional marketing tactics are not as successful as they once were. Direct mail has always been hit or miss. Filling seats at a seminar is challenging. Getting an e-mail through SPAM filters is a struggle, and then you have to successfully entice the recipient to actually open your message. When a person goes to a search engine, they are looking for something. They are motivated to buy and they want to make the purchase now!   

SEO brings these people to your door. All you have to do is sell them on your services and you’ve got a new client. It’s quicker than meeting someone at a networking event and convincing them to use your services. And, it’s easier than getting a referral source to call you with a lead. 

Accounting is still a relationship driven profession. However, with the search engine optimization (SEO), the relationships are changing. You don’t necessarily have a relationship before being contacted by a prospect, but you still need to build and keep that relationship if you want to have another long-term client.

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