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SEO Benefits of an Active Blog

     -     Apr 24th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Accounting Websites, Search Engine Optimization   -     0 Comments

Does your firm have a blog? Is it updated regularly? The most important rule of blog management is if you aren’t going to regularly the blog, then there is little SEO value to having one. Nothing looks worse than a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. Not only does it look bad to prospects, clients and referral partners but it also destroys the SEO value that your firm can benefit from. While many firms are quick to jump on the “blog bandwagon” it’s important to have realistic expectations on what is needed to make the blog work and generate SEO value. Below we have provided key SEO and other insights into how an effective blog can aide your SEO efforts.

SEO Benefits of a Blog:

  • Helps your website get indexed more frequently, resulting in better organic search visibility and traffic.
  • Improves conversion rate because your users see that the website is active (and, therefore, so is the business). Also helps to establish authority and expertise in the niche, building brand loyalty and further increasing conversion rate.
  • Provides discussion content for social media streams, and helps generate social signals when readers decide to share articles via Twitter or Facebook. Social signals improve your organic search rankings.
  • Allows you to rank for more keywords relevant to your niche. Every blog post is like adding another raffle ticket to a hat, giving you more opportunities to rank for user queries that are looking for your services.
  • Helps generate inbound links from other publishers looking for relevant articles to cite, which improves your rankings, generates brand awareness, and drives inbound leads.
  • Improves click-through rate in search engine results pages when paired with Google Authorship markup, resulting in more website traffic.

Stay tuned for more information next week on how to SEO-optimize your blog articles.

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