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Publicly traded companies and the CPA firms they use have been under a microscope since the 1990s. The resulting economic collapse and recession means that this intense scrutiny will only increase. As new legislation and compliance requirements are debated on Capitol Hill, publicly traded companies cannot afford to get left behind. These companies need to be continually informed, educated, and properly positioned to keep compliant with current and upcoming regulations.

CPA firms turn to FlashPoint Marketing to help them market to and generate opportunities with IPOs, micro, and small to midcap public companies. We work closely with clients to develop short- and long-term marketing plans, branding campaigns, and lead generation programs to enhance and grow this specialty area. Our professionals are immersed in the day-to-day nuances of issues concerning both PCAOB registered firms and SEC registered companies. FlashPoint Marketing is able to deliver the message from your SEC service practice partners to the appropriate C-level executives.

SEC Lead Generation to Drive Practice Growth.

Clients use FlashPoint Marketing’s lead generation programs to promote the following services:

Whether your firm is developing this service niche or is looking to grow an already established practice, we can help. We offer more than just a basic understanding of the SEC landscape. It is supremely important to present our client’s diverse capabilities to prospects. However, what other business development providers miss is how important it is to listen to the needs of the prospect. Making a change at principal independent auditor is a complicated process that has significant ramifications. FlashPoint Marketing understands these stress factors and communicates with both your firm and the prospect to deliver invaluable insight on the prospect’s motives for making a change. While our priority is always to deliver the client’s message, our approach opens the door to peripheral opportunities such as SOX compliance, risk management, ERISA audits, and other opportunities.

SEC Lead Generation – The FlashPoint Marketing Advantage

Beyond the immediate opportunity, the value FlashPoint Marketing adds is facilitating a relationship with the C-level executives and members of your firm. Timing is crucial, and FlashPoint Marketing ensures that when the time for change within the prospect company comes, your firm will be on the short list for future opportunities.

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