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Responsive Website Design: 3 Reasons to Switch Now

     -     Jan 3rd, 2014   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

The year 2013 can now be remembered fondly as the year of responsive websites,. Since the introduction of HTML5, we’ve seen a great deal of advancement in website technologies, but most notably, the responsive website was born.

CPA and accounting firms are often looking for ways to invest in technology solutions for their firm that will help generate leads, and be a lasting investment. By now, every accounting firm is aware of the benefits to having a website that draws traffic and helps generate leads, but what many firms don’t know is that making the switch to a responsive web design can make these benefits even greater.

One Site for All Media – A Significant Monetary Savings
Responsive web design is a newer coding structure that bases the build or design of the website on a grid. With the use of smart phones and tablets, its no longer savvy to have a single website – you now need sites that accommodate varying screen sizes and resolutions. To build a separate mobile site, iPad site, Kindle site, and desktop site would be a nightmare – both financially and from a technical management perspective. Instead you can now invest in a responsive web design which automatically accommodates every visitor based on their device.
Tablets and laptops, smart phones and desktops, in 2010/2011 we were promoting the birth of a mobile website. A smaller, watered down version of your existing website built specifically for mobile users. People who were searching content on the go. At the time, this meant deciding what 6-12 pages to publish, what content was most important, and trying to decipher what people were seeking. Clunky mobile redirects were put into place to take mobile visitors to a website that worked specifically for their screen size, and it meant a compromised experience for most users – frustrating even – when content they may have been looking for just couldn’t be accessed unless they were on a desktop.

Responsive websites now allow you to create a single website that morphs, shifts, and evolves to whatever screen you are viewing it from. The implementation uses HTML5 and a grid based structure that allows content to stack and wrap in order to make the same content more accessible for someone on a different screen size.

Some of the benefits include only having to maintain 1 website – which means if you update or add content, you only have to do it once from one location and the changes will be effective on all site sizes. This means consistency in URLs – no more .mobi extensions or mobile.yourdomain.com – you can now link seamlessly using only 1 URL system. Plus you can perform and implement the updates yourself without incurring the cost of maintenance to multiple sites.

Help with SEO
If search engine optimization or search engine marketing are high on your to-do list in the New Year, you can reap the tangible rewards of responsive web design. No separate website now means a more simplified sitemap, and it also ensures that there is no duplicate content counting against you. With a single-source responsive website design, you can share links on social media without concern as to which site you are directing them to (mobile or other) and you ensure that your content is being seen in its best presentation – because the end users device is what dictates the layout. The bottom line is that SEO is more streamlined with a single-source website which saves you time, money and additional resources. It also eliminates confusion for your various-device-using-prospects and ensures the sought after content is properly found.
Have you already made the switch to a responsive website design? Were you aware of the benefits? Share with us in the comments if you have plans to integrate responsive website development into your marketing objectives this year and why.

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