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Non-Profit Lead Generation

Non-profit agencies offer some of the most unique challenges to accounting firms. These entities often have long standing relationships with a local firm, have board members that are CPAs, and more often than not, the bidding can become competitive and time consuming in relation to fees.

CPA firms turn to FlashPoint Marketing to help them market to and generate opportunities with nonprofit organizations. We have expertise targeted to a number of nonprofit entities, including schools, universities, associations, charities, CAP Agencies, and trusts. Our staff members are familiar with the balance between the financial complexities of these entities as well as their desire to maintain their image. Our methods combine a blend of information sharing and gathering that will ultimately let your firm decide if the nonprofit is a good fit for your practice. FlashPoint Marketing can identify the pain points and leverage them in the sales process to enhance effectiveness.

Non Profit Lead Generation to Drive Practice Growth.

Clients use FlashPoint Marketing’s lead generation services to promote the following services:

Whether your firm is developing this service niche or looking to grow an already established practice, we can help. FlashPoint Marketing understands that the nonprofit community is tightly knit. We have experience dealing with these organizations throughout the United States. Whether your firm is looking for a client based on fee potential or the prestige that servicing that client will bring, FlashPoint Marketing can be your guide to developing meaningful relationships in the nonprofit community.

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