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     -     May 19th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing, Changing Trends, Social Media Marketing   -     1 Comment

The world of accounting marketing is changing quickly. While some firms are still doing what they always did, there are others that are combining traditional and digital media to create a unique and effective marketing campaign. In a recent post on the Golden Practices blog, Social Media & Radio, they interviewed Eric Majchrzak, Marketing Manager at  Freed Maxick & Battaglia. He has lead his firms efforts to combine the use of a digital billboard, twitter and radio advertising to create an unique marketing campaign for the firm.

What I like most about this article (and the concept overall) is how Eric creatively blended two mediums to develop a powerful and effective strategy for his firm. It makes me wonder what other combinations CPA and accounting firms could use to either broaden their brand in select markets or attract new prospects and referral partners.

The article also provide some tips on how to approach radio advertising. I found these helpful because as someone with little experience with radio, they provide some much needed insight. These items include;

  • Employ Valuable Calls to Action – Paid commercials MUST have a call to action that’s valuable to the audience. Seminars, checklists, whitepapers, survey results, consultations, diagnostic tools, etc are all good value offers. These value offerings differentiate you and engage which aligns perfectly with social media integration.
  • Promote Niche Practices – Don’t be afraid to use radio that goes deeper than just “general awareness” – just be sure the station is the right format and demographic for your niche.
    Leverage Radio for Earned/Free Media Opportunities – Develop relationships with news department and people besides the account exec – they have needs (experts on short notice) that you can fulfill! On-air expert clips often get aired throughout the day. Watch the value add up!
  • Stretch Your Radio Dollar – Get the MP3 of your radio spots (most stations will give this to you for no charge) and distribute them widely among your social media outposts – for guest appearances, link to the station’s audio vault (sending visitors to them is a way to thank the station).
  • Know Your Lead Sources – Use unique identifiers (URLs, phone numbers, etc) to track response sources so you can see what works best and modify for greater effectiveness where needed.
  • Negotiate Wisely – In radio buy negotiations, don’t disclose your budget up front. Make them work to find your limits. Negotiate rates for small flights, then add additional weeks if the rep works with you to sweeten the deal from there. They are usually willing to add extra value.

To review the entire article, click here.

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  • 8 years ago

    Michelle Golden   /  

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and Eric’s great radio-related tips!

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