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     -     May 14th, 2010   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

The accounting profession is slowly moving towards the widespread adoption of social media into the overall marketing and business development strategy. Of course some firms are more progressive than others, but as a whole there has been a slow response to embracing the medium. I can understand the argument that some accountants use, which relies on the assertion that professional services are a relationship sale. How will my involvement in social media help me develop strong relationships like the ones I currently have with my “A” clients? Fair question and until now I have only had what I would classify as a “B” response to that question.

I recently came across a counter point that has elevated my response to an “A”. In the article, Can Facebook Kill Face-to-Face Networking?, by Tracy Cervar Warren, there are a number of well made points about why social media networking is something all professional service professionals should embrace. The portion of the piece that I find most interesting is how social media involvement can serve to supplement the traditional networking that most are accustomed to.  The five reasons give by Michelle Golden (who was interviewed in the article) are listed below

  • Networking is still extremely important and is much easier to undertake on a consistent and frequent basis when it occurs online;
  • Touching base, getting to know one another better, promoting others’ work and activities among your valuable connections and connecting others together, can happen in minutes a day from anywhere;
  • Facebook and LinkedIn interactions can dramatically accelerate relationship development in between face-to-face meetings (reinforcing that both are valuable);
  • Professionals can simultaneously interact with far more people than likely to see at a single networking event where you can’t speak with everyone due to time and scope;
  • Clients can respond and interact with you on THEIR time; and
  • Able to weave some content-sharing into your “networking” makes this far more effective — especially good for credibility building.

These points are all correct, make sense and I believe most accountants who are truly open to spending time on the medium should find compelling. After all who would not want to build credibility and have more meaningful initial interactions with prospects based on the networking done online? That is a no brainer.

I recommend reading, Can Facebook Kill Face-to-Face Networking.

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