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Mobile Marketing – CPA Firms

     -     Jun 15th, 2011   -     Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments

The world of digital marketing is moving at a quick pace. For those firms who have not yet become active in this space NOW is the time to do so. In addition to the seemingly “traditional” social media and seo approach there is now another strategy to contemplate…mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. In the accounting profession there are very few firms that deployed mobile marketing as part of their broader marketing approach.  However, we spoke with one firm that has invested resources in several mobile marketing projects and asked them a few questions about their experience.  Eric Majchrzak, Marketing Director at Freed Maxick & Battaglia in Buffalo, NY has launched several mobile marketing programs. Below we have provided excerpts of our conversation about the benefits and limits of mobile marketing for accounting firms.

Benefits of Accounting Mobile Marketing

“There are several benefits to mobile marketing including:

  • The ability to create unique and cost effective promotion campaigns in reaction to breaking news, events or legislature.
  • Access to a wider audience and chance expand market share
  • The opportunity to build stronger customer relationships through the distribution of timely and trusted content
  • The ability to retain existing customers while enticing new customers
  • The ability to penetrate the Smartphone market and build brand awareness
  • The opportunity  to reach out to customers “on the go”
  • Forum to integrate new, innovative forms of advertising and promotion with existing strategies.”

Measuring ROI

A  key question many accounting marketers and partners want to know is the Return on Investment. How do you measure this and what has been your ROI?

“We measure ROI in a number of different ways including utilizing QR Code stats, Google analytics for the mobile sites, social media measurement tools, tracking the growth of web and mobile leads and attempting to quantify our marketing tactics. This is not always easy, but click through response rates are helpful to see what calls to action are working.”

Advice for Firms Considering Mobile Marketing

“Be deliberate about the utility of the mobile initiative. What value and role will it play? Don’t do it just because everyone else is. Use QR Codes wisely and offer some value, not just for the sake of using them. Find a way to integrate it into your exisiting successful marketing plans, and if possible, find a topic that really speaks to a particular audience.”

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