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Learn Why Your Emails Are Being Rejected

     -     Oct 9th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Email is a common way marketing professionals attempt to reach prospects and their target market in an effort to sell services. As easy as it seems, it can often be exceptionally frustrating when your hard work and efforts get rejected. In an interesting way there is a strong metaphor to dating with this situation. The truth is email marketing like dating has its pros and cons.

As with dating, a lot can go right in an email. The person you’re targeting and currently sharing your message with might just be an ideal prospect for your firm. Your email might appeal to their needs and could potentially build a lifelong relationship. On the other hand, your target may discover that while you two have no chemistry, your services would be a perfect match and fit for one of their colleagues.

However like dating a lot can go wrong too. You can strike out completely and be left wondering what went wrong? Was it something you said? Was it something you did or didn’t do? Just like dating, if your email campaigns are striking out, you’ve got work to do to tweak your approach and pitch.

Below are five reasons marketing emails get rejected and guidance on how to improve your game. Do any of these resonate with you?

1. Your subject line made a bad first impression.

Your target’s experience with your email starts before it’s ever opened – the subject line. A lot is riding on this. The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further. Try to limited it to 50 characters or less. Using splashy or cheesy phrases to try to stand out often results in your email being ignored. Several classic examples of subject line “don’ts” include boring copy, ALL CAPS, excessive exclamation points, and deceiving messages. The subject line “Warning” or “Re:” might earn you opens, but it won’t earn you clients.

Solution: A/B test all your subject lines. Ask if it reflects your email’s intent. Is it descriptive, but not wordy? Make sure to pass the “KISS” test… keep it simple and straightforward.


2. You bored them to death.

Are your emails dry, long, and/or monotonous? Imagine the day your recipient is going through. Perhaps they are wrapping up a call while looking through their files for a report for a meeting that they are about to be late to. Your potential audience does not have a year to spend decoding and analyzing your jargon. This is your chance to reach them, don’t waste it.

Solution: Don’t be afraid of a little “edge,” a human touch, or even a fun, unusual inclusion. At the same token, don’t write a novel – the faster you get to your call to action, the better. Again, make sure to pass the “KISS” test. Remember, think of it as dating. This is your opportunity to get that second date.


3. You forgot to test your display.

Would you show up for a date in a stained shirt, or with toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Of course not, which is why you check your appearance before you arrive. Email is very similar. Don’t show up in your prospect’s inbox without first testing your display appearance. This may take several tries and require tweaking.

Solution: Before you send out an email, test it – and don’t forget to check it on mobile devices. If it looks good when the test is received, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t look so good, take time to tweak it, and perfect it’s appearance.


4. You forgot your target’s name.

One of the worst things that can happen on a date, is forgetting their name, or even worse refer to them by the wrong name. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry couldn’t remember his date’s name that rhymed with a female body part? Ouch! Always personalize your emails, and at the very least, don’t use the wrong name.

Solution: When you email your database, use first names if have them. This is easy if your marketing automation allows you to use “tokens” in your emails. If you’re not familiar with tokens, a token is a variable in your marketing automation platform – a shortcut to a specific value you want to use. Tokens can be set at the program level, the campaign level, and the lead level. They save time and help you to populate your content with personalized info.


5. You over shared.

A prospect doesn’t need emails about how your firm was recently remodeled or that you just celebrated a fourteenth month in business. This kind of sharing and updating should be reserved for your firm’s blog or other social media platform, or a phone call with your mom.

Solution: Keep emails about the reader. The message should be interesting and entertaining to people who aren’t already 100% invested in your firm.

Using the above tips should better prepare you for your first prospect “date” and will help you get past spam filters, your target’s apprehensions, and into their hearts. After all, every marketer wants their firm and firm’s services to be loved and needed.


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