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Google's Penguin Changes SEO

     -     May 3rd, 2012   -     Accounting Marketing   -     0 Comments

On April 24th some site owners experienced a noticeable drop in their rankings.  It was a direct result of a new search algorithm, Penguin, implemented by Internet giant, Google.  Penguin was developed to prevent spam sites from taking up real estate in coveted top key word ranks and while it may have helped reduce the number of spam sites from appearing in search engines, it also took a liberal point of view on what many consider the definition of spam to be.  This caused many who don’t view their sites to be ‘spammy’, to be dropped from those search results. 

The algorithm was not implemented with malicious intent, it is in fact meant to reward high quality sites with good SEO and punish webspam.  To clarify, we’ve listed some of the tactics you should implement in order to avoid being blacklisted by the mighty Google Penguin, and if you were affected negatively be sure to check your site and make sure you are following the best principals for optimization:

1. Avoid duplicate content: Don’t copy and paste someone else’s website content.  It didn’t get you anywhere in high school, and it won’t be any more effective now than it was then.  Instead, focus on creating memorable content that is worth reading.  Create engaging content that encourages user engagement and back linking

2. No ‘Keyword Stuffing’:
Use keywords only where they are relevant to the content, don’t overuse them simply to rank higher.  Search engines are now looking at quality of keyword use vs. quantity – so your keywords need to make sense in their context.

3. Practice useful and relevant linking: You are probably aware that being linked to from a variety of sources is good for your ranking, but be mindful about the links that you build.  They should be relevant to your site, and meaningfully placed.

If you are already putting these best practices in to place and are unsure why you experienced a drop, log into your webmaster tools – Google will often flag you and offer you an opportunity to resolve the issue. 

If you’ve avoided the Penguin drop, or experienced it first hand – share your story with us in the comments below.

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