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Four Things that Matter More than Search Volume

     -     May 28th, 2014   -     Accounting Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments

It’s not that search volume doesn’t matter at all. Search volume is a good sign that there are people out there looking for help on a particular subject matter. Here’s what matters a lot more than a ton of search volume for a particular keyword or phrase:

1) Conversion Rates

If you have 1,000 people come to your site off a keyword for which your content ranks, but only two people become clients, does it really matter that you had 1,000 people come to your site? The purpose of SEO is much more than just attracting people to your content. It’s about attracting people to your content who find it relevant to their interests and needs.

2) Feasibility

When you’re creating your SEO plan, one of the first things you need to do is keyword research. But instead of basing this process on search volume, think about how likely you are to actually rank for and convert on the keywords you’re selecting.

How much content are you going to create around those topics? How much content do you already have on those topics? How are you ranking now for related terms? Create your plan not just around what keywords make the most sense for your business to rank for – but how you can invest in the time and resources it takes to have a strong SEO strategy in place.

3) User Experience

Fun Fact: Did you know that if someone comes to your site through a search engine and bounces to another site soon after, it doesn’t actually help your SEO?

If the 1,000 people mentioned previously come to your site – but then realize your content isn’t helpful, interesting, easy to read, etc. – you’re not really doing much to help your SEO. Search engines are now smart enough to recognize and reward the sites that produce good content. It makes complete sense that they’d care about this – they want to deliver the best possible search experience for their users.

Think about these questions the next time you’re creating content.

  • What does your site visitor do once they’re on your site?
  • Are they engaged with your content?
  • Do they click around?
  • Do they look at various content offers you’ve created?

These are all important questions to ask about your visitors that matter far more than going after keywords of a certain search volume.

4) Writing for Your Buyer Persona

Above all, your number one rule when optimizing for SEO is creating content for your buyer personas. If you can create content that will get a lot of people to your website – but they aren’t necessarily part of your target audience – it doesn’t help you grow your business.

Whether you’re working on a large marketing campaign or simply writing a blog post, you always need to have your buyer persona in mind. Some questions to consider when writing are:

  • What problems do they face?
  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • What could help them do their jobs effectively or more efficiently?

Your buyer personas are the key to improving your conversion rates.

Key SEO Factors

Search volume is not the new dark horse of SEO, but you should use it more to guide your SEO strategy than define it. The most important things to focus on are:

  • Choosing topics that you can write to at a sustainable volume,
  • Improving your site conversion rates, and
  • Writing quality content that addresses the needs and interests of your buyer personas.

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