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The Flashpoint Difference

About Our Company

What makes FlashPoint Marketing different is the experience we provide. Although companies in the accounting industry seemingly offer the same services, what makes us different is how we work with clients to translate the mechanics of CPA and accounting lead generation into a meaningful experience for the client.

The FlashPoint Marketing experience is a result of three key factors that make us different from every other firm:

Caliber of Professionals
Our staff includes former Big 4 marketing and business development managers, trained marketing professionals, and designers. FlashPoint has a unique vision when it comes to implementing lead generation. We believe it is a prerequisite for every member of our staff to have experience in every service we offer. Every member of our team will know your firm and be involved on your account. You will always get the answers you need and the service you deserve. This convergence of experience and passion creates a positive and meaningful experience for your firm.

Program Flexibility
We recognize every firm is different. As a result, FlashPoint will not implement the same business development and lead generation plan for every firm. It is counterintuitive to our business model. Our focus is on understanding your firm’s marketing and business development goals. By jointly creating programs that make the most sense for your needs, we aim to achieve lasting relationships between your firm and its prospects.

Consultative Approach
This is the most important part of the FlashPoint Marketing experience. We work with you to provide specific advice and guidance on how to establish, implement, and refine your accounting business development framework. Simply because an accounting firm has had success using one process does not mean improvements can’t be made. FlashPoint Marketing works with you to identify strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to the internal process. We provide practical solutions to address potential roadblocks to success. Whether you are seeking to increase SEC marketing, benefit plan audit marketing, or other tax services, put FlashPoint Marketing’s years of hands-on experience to work for your organization.

The FlashPoint experience is our product and we take great pride in delivering it to clients. It is the cornerstone of what we do and represents our commitment to customer service and client care.

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